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LG planned a PR event for its new smartphone at a public park in Seoul. The event featured balloons that each had a coupon for a free phone in them. They planned to release the balloons and then give the phones to people who ended up with them. Some people thought they could game the system if they used BB guns to shoot down the balloons. Surprisingly, this resulted in twenty injuries and several hospitalizations. I'm not sure of how this actually happened, anyone have any ideas?
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typical display of loss of control due to crowd mentality
Man I wish I was there... I would have set up a lawn chair on the side to witness the hostilities...
@JohnLee identify the ones who succeeded in getting the coupons and then ambush them later huh...I see...
Used to do that all the time on Black Fridays...
Minjaeturtles seems to have been one of the people with BB guns