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[Cue the dramatic Eddard Stark voice.] Halloween is coming.

Yes, now that school's back, we've got (most) the summer holidays out of the way, and there's only a couple weeks left until Fall, it's time to look forward to the BEST HOLIDAY (or, at the very least, my personal favorite), Halloween!
It's a season for costumes, candy, and Halloween haunts, and this year's Halloween season is about to get WAY spookier thanks to Universal Studios' hot new collaboration.
The spookiest characters from hit TV series 'American Horror Story' will be featured in their very own themed maze attraction at Universal Studios Orlando and California.

So if you've ever wanted to meet:

Rubber Man from 'Murder House'

Twisty from 'Freak Show'

Or maybe one of these freaky guys from 'Hotel'


There's been no additional spoilers as to what fans can expect from this bound to be TERRIFYING maze, but if you're brave enough to try it, Halloween Horror Nights begin at both parks on September 14th.

Are there any AHS fans (or just Halloween fans, like me!) who can't wait for this maze to open? It's going to be crazy!

Sound off in the comments below!
wait..... WHAAAAAT! -packs my bags, heads to to Universal Studios and throws all my money at them- TAKE IT AND LET ME IN!
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just the story in general lol
Halloween is the only holiday I celebrate with enthusiasm. I love Fall and I love October. It's not because of the candy, it's because of the costumes and haunted houses. They don't scare me but I love them all the same
I loooove Halloween too. I love how quirky of a holiday it is, and I love when I see those Halloween stores pop up around my neighborhood. Also I love brainstorming what I want to be!
P.S... have you seen Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise yet???
YES. I don't know if he'll be as creepy as Tim Curry's just because I think one of the creepy things about the original Pennywise was the super simplistic makeup, but it's still cool they're going to bring the movie back.
I'm going
Really? Do you live by either one?
Hahaha yes!!!馃槃
You're not too scared??!?!
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