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Besides the meaning of "quick" that is most often used today, the following are also definitions of quick according to the Merrian-Webster dictionary: : not dead : living, alive a (archaic) not stagnant : running, flowing b : moving, shifting <quick mud> @oj1992 thanks for the question! I had never thought of it :P
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@minjaeturtles I didnt actually think of the question; just saw it as a quote in one of the cooking sites. : )
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@oj1992 haha inspirations can come from anywhere
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the myth of quicksand is that it would "swallow" you into the earth? Is it true?
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@Tapsamai haha well, if the pit is really deep, I suppose it can "swallow" you whole. but a quicksand pit can also be shallow, and you'll just reach the bottom
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@minjaeturtles quicksand and thin mud are more dense than water, it is easier to float, and almost impossible to sink completely under. hehe thanks googlw
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