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Let's explore!! 😎😍
RM @ MON'STUDIO Which he tweeted today 😻😻
RapMin is sailing~
Aesthetic ▫️◼️◻️▪️ 😻😻
Let's not forget Ryan!! 😼
AGUST D @ Genius Lab [Story behind 'Genius Lab']
Ooh Cozzyy~~ 😻😻
Hoseok @ Hope World
Jhope only gave us sneak peaks of his 🙃
BONUS: Featuring Golden Maknae!!
JK @ Golden Closet

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Like I have said before in a card, Ladies and gentlemen the Holy trinity
a year ago·Reply
oh my gosh my dream places 😩 I can't wait to have my own working place/studio.💕
a year ago·Reply
Okay so like rap monster has so many figure that look sad but that room give use a vibe that you can vibe too
a year ago·Reply
Jungkook records in the closet?! I feel sorry for him but at the same time I'm LMAO.
a year ago·Reply
Yea same 😂 but he produced a lot of good sh*t in there 😻 like Paper hearts
a year ago
their studios are all so cool lookin omg :o
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