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Do you have a tattoo? Do you think that tattoos can keep you from getting certain types of jobs or starting a new career?

Personally, I think the world is changing, and we've become a lot more accepting of tattoos as a means of self-expression. But I DO know that not everyone agrees.
Let me know what YOU think!
I'm covered in tattoos and I have 3 part time jobs and I don't cover them either. 1 of my jobsvis a government job. IMO, if they don't like them they can kiss my behind as I walk away. life's too short to care what narrow-minded people think of what I choose to put on my body.
That's so awesome lol. @RiggaFoster, I always love your attitude.
honestly, I think strict dress codes in regards to tattoos are dated and archaic. yes, if it's a pornographic or vulgar tatoo, you may want to have it placed in a spot that's easy to cover, but tattoos are as common as ear piercings.
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The olden times lol.
it would depend on what it is and where. you can't have a naked woman on your forarm and work at a children's place.
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I can be creative sometimes.
but remember, it also depends on what job and career you are going into
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I'm sure there has to be at least one who exists! The world's a big place lol.
I'm 23 and I have a big tattoo on my leg and where I work my boss does not mind. My old job where I used to wear long pants during the summer and winter that my old boss has never saw it till I had to go back to work because I have left my wallet up there and I changed out of my work clothes to shorts and I had went behind the counter to get it and he had ask me why I was back then look at my leg and went "what's that on your leg!? You know it will never come off. You'd be having that forever and regretting it." and etc etc. but I did it for me. it was a birthday present and I wanted to show everyone that music helps me escape from this chaotic world and that I play the saxophone back in high school, but yes I think the world is changing because a lot of people are getting hired even when their tattoos are showing. I just saw a guy today where I used to work and he's covered in tattoos and in the book it says no tattoo must be showing but since it's on his neck and arms it didn't matter. you can't let your employee wear a long sleeve shirt inside a hot store if you want him to overheat
It's true! I think that whole long sleeve shirt thing is just inhumane!
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