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Hello to all!
I hope everyone is well and ready to tackle the next chapter of G-Dragon's petal! <3 :D
I look forward to completing this petal for everyone with only a few chapters left and I'll work hard to keep the feels coming! ^^
ATTN: Before we begin, I would like to say a few things. As we near the end of the novel, please continue to keep in mind that the events that occur and will occur are crucial to the story line so I have brought it upon myself to remind everyone to read at their own risks for the feels may be too much.
As much as I am responsible for what goes on in this fanfiction, please know that I have located and leased a rock to live under for the next several weeks.^^
As we were~
Season 2 Premiere in case you're not ready and need a few distractions :3
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Chapter 8~
“I can't go through with this,” you mutter quietly, staring at the platinum Hangul on the Hickory door, spelling out the name of the last person you wanted to see after a night of bliss.
Ji-Yong gives your hand a gentle squeeze, “Come on, it'll be fine.”
Your eyes dart back to his flawless face, a softness in his eyes reassuring every bit of anxiety in your system. “Okay.”
He knocks once on the Hickory surface, stopping mid air before the second knock when the grant of entrance traveled through the door. The opens the door slowly as he pulls you through, leading you to the two seats in front of the owner of the platinum letters on his door.
You bow to him and mumble a quiet greeting, sitting when he commands.
“I hope you both know why I called you in so early today,” his calm and cool voice frosted the blood in your veins. You stare back into his darken eyes, instantly repulsed by the mixed sentiment inscribed within.
<<Oh no, this is worse than I thought.>>
“You're going to confirm our relationship, right?” Ji-Yong answers.
Your eyes flicker instantly to Ji-Yong, feeling an overwhelming sense of fear beginning to wash over you. The tingling sensation with the need to grab Ji-Yong and hold him back cause your hands to quiver.
“Confirm?” YG repeats, his eyes narrowing around Ji-Yong.
Ji-Yong nods and sits back in his chair, crossing his legs and relaxing his shoulders, “it's the only thing that's left to do-”
You notice YG's fists start to shake with an enraged aura invading his eyes. You lower your head down and twine your own fingers together.
“If you don't do it now, they're going to start a riot or something. The sooner it's out of dark, the sooner we can peacefully get on with our lives,” Ji-Yong continues in a monotone.
YG shoots up and hands slam loudly against the wooden desk, “what the hell were you thinking?”
Your insides twist in a sourly manner, making you nauseous just by even looking up at the man.
“I was taking matters into my own hands,” Ji-Yong growls.
“Taking matters into your own hands!? Do you realize what kind of disaster you've unleashed for yourself and her included?” YG roars loudly.
“I have everything under control-”
“Under control? I had to sit through various videos of her getting ambushed and you struggling to push the crowd away. How is any of that having things under control? There's a reason why I do things the way I do-”
Ji-Yong snaps forward, gripping the arm rests of his chair tightly, “if we would have done things your way, all you'd want to do is keep quiet about this just like you've done about all my previous relationships. Well this time I'm not going to give you that opportunity. You have your favorites, boss, and it's obvious, but you can't control us like we're chess pieces.”
“Ji-Yong, everything I do is to protect you from exactly what is going on outside these doors. Half of world wants to know the details about this relationship and the other half wants to rip you to shreds-”
“Then confirm the details and let me deal with the haters. It's not like I haven't had an outbreak of antis before.” Ji-Yong retorts.
“You don't understand. You are putting your career on the line because of this relationship. You'll lose thousands of fans because-
“Because I'm not single? Boss, I'm 30 years old. I have spent 30 long fucking years on my own, and you're still telling me I can't have a life of my own with someone I love from the bottom of my heart? You're lucky we haven't ran off and gotten eloped yet.”
<<Whoa, what!?>>
YG's face falls, leaving the residue of bitterness behind, “Eloped? Are you serious Ji-Yong? Does music not matter to you anymore?”
“It does matter. It matters a hell of a great deal to me and you know this. But she matters a great deal to me too, and I don't plan on letting go of either of them.”
“You wouldn't have to, I can just fire her and-”
Ji-Yong jumps up, his body trembling livid fury. “You are NOT going to take THIS out on her just because YOU aren't happy with not getting it your way. If you lay a single fucking finger on her or even threaten her to leave, I swear, you'll have more to worry about than just the media. I'm done.” He grabs your hand and pulls you up, throwing an arm around your waist and pressing you to him as he made way to the door without turning to look back at YG.
The door shuts loudly behind you two. Ji-Yong stops then slips his other hand around your waist and brings you in for a hug, resting his head on your shoulder.
You rub his back slowly, trying to calm the fury that made his body shake. “Ji-”
“Don't. You're the only thing keeping me sane right now, please don't tell me you agree with him.”
“But Ji-”
He pulls his head back and scoops your face in his warm hands, crashing his lips into yours to keep you from completing your thoughts. “Baby, please. I need you to be strong for me for a little while longer.”
You nod your head in his hands, “okay, I will. Don't worry.”
Ji-Yong kisses you one more time then releases you and takes your hand. Making your way to the elevator, you picked up the whispering of the other employees, catching some of them point in your direction out of the corner of your eyes.
<<Is this so wrong? Does everyone really thing our relationship is such a bad idea?>> You lean on Ji-Yong as the elevator doors close, causing him to let go of your hand and wrap it around your shoulders instead, leaning in to kiss your hair. <<Is it selfish of me for not wanting to make things right? For wanting to stay here beside him?>>
The elevator opens on the main floor. You walk out only to run into the rest of members heading your way.
“Don't you two look cute,” Seung-Ri grins.
“Cut it out, Seung-Ri, now is not the time for playing around,” Ji-Yong glares at him.
“Quite an announcement you gave the world last night, you two have been all over the news since then,” TOP says quietly.
“Did you talk to the boss?” Tae-Yang asks.
Ji-Yong nods, “yeah.”
“And he's not too happy with me right now just like I'm not too happy with him either.”
“What did he say?” Dae-Sung presses.
“He wants to fire me,” you speak up.
“What!?” Seung-Ri gasps.
“You're kidding, right?” Dae-Sung chuckles nervously.
“Is that true, Ji?” Tae-Yang adds in.
“Yeah, it's true.”
TOP's eyebrows pressed against each other. “What did you say afterwards?”
You and Ji-Yong exchange glances for a second before he sighed, “I don't want to talk about it right now, I'm too worked up. We're going home so tell Teddy I won't be there to help today, okay?”
The members nod and wave goodbye as they head into the elevator.
“Will it be fine if you miss work today?” you ask him, turning your head away from the dozens of eyes on your back.
“You're missing work too, so it's okay,” he smiles warmly. “Plus, I'm exhausted. It'd be nice to spend the day in bed.”
The front doors of the building open up for you two with mother nature instantly attacking you with a gust of wind that blows your hair into your face. You look up to brush back the lock, only to stop dead in your tracks with the encounter of a horror from your wildest dreams.
“Hmm? What is it baby?” Ji-Yong says, looking back to you then follows your gaze to the other side of your street.
You remain still, making clear eye contact with the very entity. “It's him.”
The man that crept into your dreams with the clearest intentions to kill you, leaving you with restless nights, and anxiety attacks during the day. The owner of the French accent.
Omo! :o
And so it has began!
Ladies and gents, according to my schedule writing , there are only 2 episodes left before the conclusion of GD's petal! :o
I guess I have to kick things up a few notches in order to end it with a big ..... bang. ;)
Tell me your thoughts! :D
Thank you all for reading!
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Of course YG is pissed, that's his chicken with the golden eggs right there. GD being in a relationship probably has the biggest impact on YG stocks. 😂
I just realized it's supposed to be "hen" not chicken 😂
Omg this was super short!!! This cant be happening to me.. He just appears Outta nowhere in front of the YG building?!
He's been..... everywhere..... *goes through the previous petals and season 1 to check* yes, yes he has^^
AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! What the hell woman?????????Who the flying fuck is this mysterious french man?????? @Sailyn, YOU GOT SOME EXPLAINING TO DO MISSY!!!!!!
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I know you know!!!!! And what's with papa YG against the relationship???
OMO!! Creepy French Guy is not what's up!! but I am happy Jiyong-ssi put his foot down with Papa YG.
... well, that went over nicely... 😬😳
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