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Welcome back to another episode with this raging dragon! ;D
I hope you've prepared yourself mentally for feels and maybe everything else in between that one experiences through reading because nearing the end always means something good, right? ^^
[Recap] Season 2 Premiere in case you don't want to take on this dragon right now^^
And if you've missed an episode, I gotchu~:*
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Ready or not, let's start! ;D
Please enjoy!
Chapter 9~
“The hell?”
Ji-Yong tightens his grip around you, scurrying past the security guards and over to the car in a faster pace then yanks the car door open. You climb inside quickly and shut the door, wrapping your arms around yourself as Ji-Yong climbed in the driver side and takes off.
<<Why is he here? He was here to finish me off right? This is him confirming that he was the one who wanted to kidnap me that night! Shit. Now that my relationship with Ji-Yong has gone public, he knows exactly how to attack. He must know. Why else would he show up?>>
Your head snaps over to Ji-Yong, his sudden call penetrating through your thoughts and rescuing you from your crumbling thoughts. “Huh?”
“I've been trying to get your attention for the past five minutes, talk to me. What's going through your head?”
You stare at him, his side profile only giving you half of the details but enough to conclude that he was angry. “Did you see what I saw?” You mutter quietly.
Ji-Yong presses his lips into a thin line. “Of course I did. He's that bastard that tried flirting with you when you came to eat with us way back then, right?”
<<He knows.>>
“Why was he there? Do you know him personally? Has he been showing up like that frequently? It looked like you saw a ghost- hey. What's wrong? Why are you shaking?”
You look down at your hands, their quivering state giving away the true feelings that had stirred up deep inside you. “I-I think he's the o-one.”
“The what?”
You pull your head up and swallow hard, retrieving Pandora's box from its closed off cage in the back of your head and opening it up slowly. “The night of the party when you guys were waiting for me, I felt like I was being followed, therefore I took extra side streets to dodge the feeling. There had been times when I would find my apartment unlocked but I kept shrugging it off as me forgetting to lock it in the morning.
“When we first started living together, I had these strange dreams and one of them in particular was getting kidnapped and thrown into my apartment that was already burning up. Something stuck to me like glue in that dream. I remember hearing the voice of a man, but the odd thing wasn't that it was in a completely different language, it was that I recognized that voice even though I had only heard it once in my life. It belonged to the man we just saw.”
“Aishh. You don't say.” He merges out of the lane and into the smaller streets, weaving his way around to the apartment. “So that's why you were so shaken up when Young-Bae hyung found you.”
You lean your head back against the car seat and cover your face with your hands, “I don't know what to do. I don't want to go back, I don't want to see that man ever again, I don't even know if this hunch is right and definitely don't want to find out. I should just quit and go back to America before things get out of hand-”
The car screeches to a stop. You take off your hands and find Ji-Yong glaring at the blank wall of the apartment garage, his knuckles white in color from gripping the the steering wheel tightly. “That right there is completely out of the question.” He releases the wheel and turns to you, your eyes locking instantly. “I won't let anything happen to you.”
Your heart begins to accelerate in rhythm. “Ji-”
“I won't allow it. You're finally in my arms now, I can finally grab your hand and hold it up high in front of everyone. Nothing will stop me from being with you.”
“But I-”
Ji-Yong's phone starts to ring with Seung-Ri's song, Gotta Talk 2 U. He grabs your hand and holds it firmly as he reaches for his phone with his other available hand and answers. “What is it?”
You watch as Ji-Yong's facial expressions transitions from its gentleness to something dark, an unexplained darkness that created goosebumps down your arms the moment his eyes flickered back to you.
“Don't worry about us, just keep looking. I'll do what I have to do on my end. .... Yeah, sounds good. .... Thanks Riri.”
Ji-Yong hangs up and unlocks the doors, “come on, let's get inside before you catch a cold.”
You raise an eyebrow for a second then hop out of the car and follow him up the stairs into the apartment. “What did Seung-Ri say?”
Ji-Yong closes the door once you get inside and locks it, taking a second to secure the locks were properly locked before turning back to you and scooping you into his arms. “Nothing. Have I told you that you look absolutely gorgeous today? So radiant, so perfect.” He nuzzles your neck.
You push him back and stare at him, “don't change the subject when I clearly saw your facial features change. What's going on?”
Ji-Yong sighs through his nose then tightens his grip around you, twining his fingers together to lock you in. “The two intruders that broke into your apartment that one night....”
Your eyebrows crash together.
“.....They were bailed out before their office court date last night by an unknown source.”
“What do you mean by unknown?”
“As in, whoever did it must have paid double the amount to keep quiet of who they were or where they were from. The security cameras didn't catch a face or anything in particular to identify the individual.”
Your eyes widen into saucers, “b-but how could they have been b-bailed out!? I mean, do we even know who they were, or why they were sent or-or how they knew where I lived-”
“Shhh,” Ji-Yong pulls your head into his chest and rubs your back. “It's okay, baby. Seung-Ri said they managed to get some things out of them before they were bailed.”
“I don't understand, why is it taking so long to get answers?”
“They couldn't find an interpreter apparently.”
You flinch, making Ji-Yong release you from the unexpected movement. “They were foreign!?”
Ji-Yong shrugs, “I don't know enough details to tell you, Seung-Ri said he'd call-”
His phone begins to ring with Seung-Ri's ringtone again. Your bloods turns to solid ice as you watch Ji-Yong answer, his eyes keeping you from leaving him.
He hangs up quickly then shoves the phone back in his pocket. “I have to do some things, I'll be right back, okay?”
“Y-you're leaving-g?” you stutter.
Ji-Yong's face softens into an apologetic facade. “I'm sorry, baby. I have to do a couple of things real fast then I'll come right back, okay?”
You press your lips into a thin line and nod once, “okay.”
“Lock the doors, call me if you need anything, and don't go outside.”
He disappears behind the door, making you run up to it instantly and lock it completely like he asked. You stare at its maple color, feeling any sense of logical explanations begin to crumble at the feet of anxiety and fear.
<<Distractions. I need to find a distraction.>>
You turn around and head straight into your bedroom, glancing around for anything to take your mind off things until you remembered the complete works of BigBang's discography inside the dresser cabinets.
After rushing into Ji-Yong's room to grab your laptop and plopping down in front of the cabinet, you open it up and begin to pull out the CDs, inserting Ji-Yong's Heartbreaker album into your laptop to fill the room with his voice while you looked through the discography.
<<What am I doing here? If I know they're after me, then why am I just going to sit here like a sitting duck? I'm basically asking for them to come and get me, I'm not doing anything to protect myself or Ji->>
Your eyes widen when Ji-Yong's smiling face flashes through your mind.
<<Ji-Yong. If anything would happens to him, I don't think I'd be able to forgive myself. Everyone one turn on me and try to kill me if he got hurt because of me, geez, I don't know if I welcome death by strangers or by fangirls.>>
The CD continues playing as you take in every detail of the album work and read along with the lyrics, imagining the 2009 version of Ji-Yong owning the stage with his charisma and charm. Your body responds in a shiver when you remember fangirling every time he would preform live, whether it was his solo work or with BigBang, the emotions still overwhelmed your system.
The album stops playing. You reach over and swap it out for One of a Kind, then carefully pull out the photos that the album carried, blushing like an idiot at the flawless photos of Ji-Yong and his multiple costumes while the beat of One of a Kind flowed out of your laptop.
<<There's no way someone would attack an idol like Ji-Yong though. It'd be like setting yourself for death. And if that's the case, then as long as I stay with him, I'll be fine, right? I mean, would someone really be that stupid to....>>
“Why so serious? ….. Getcho crayons!”
You smile to yourself with a small giggle escaping out of your lips. <<I'll be fine. Everything will be fine, I just have to keep my head high.... But then again, why was that guy there? I don't understand. Nothing is making sense. Is he really after me or am I just being paranoid about what happened?>>
Your laptop begins to play That XX, drawing your attention away from your thoughts and towards the album once more as you quietly sing along to Ji-Yong's voice, losing all sense of reality once Missing You takes over and pushes you to sing your heart out during Yuna's part.
You giggle when you chop up Ji-Yong's rap but continue onto Today until the album completely finished. Your laptop ejects the album while you reach for Coup d'Etat to switch it out. The intro begins, making you smile to yourself.
<<I need to do something about this though. I can't leave this as it is, it'll drive me insane if it doesn't kill me.>>
The beat to R.O.D. makes your heart swoon. You turn up the volume and clear your throat, preparing yourself to sing chorus, fully exposing your inner fangirl.
“.....You have my heart like the beat, The way you got me turned up, Never give up boy even when they try us, You and me against the world, With you I ride or die tonight.”
“If I’m a boring realist, you’re a dreamer. If you’re going there, I’ll follow you even if I’m dreaming.”
You turn around at the sound of an extra voice, crashing into a wide chest and a pair of long arms wrapping themselves around you to keep you from jumping up, his legs stretching out on either side.
“Keep singing baby, I'll back you up,” Ji-Yong chuckles, resting his chin on your shoulder as he finished the rap.
Your cheeks burn brightly as he sang quietly in your ear while you took over the chorus, his body softly swaying your along with the beat until the song finishes and transitions into Black. He tightens his grip around you and pulls you back to lean on him.
“You do realize why I wrote R.O.D, right?” his voice dips into a low husk with his lips against your ear, giving you goosebumps.
“Why?” you breathe.
He lays his head on your shoulder, his soft breath blowing against your neck. You reach up and tangle your hand in his hair, twirling individual locks with your fingers.
“I've been in relationships before, but it never worked out. The CEO wouldn't confirm it so I've spent all my life hiding what I wanted to express from the public. Everything I experienced, I transmitted it into my songs and just how the songs says, I want to be with someone who will ride or die with me. That's why I'm doing everything I can to keep you here safely in my arms, because you're the one, baby.”
You smile, “you didn't pull some voodoo magic and saw me in your future and wrote it just for me, right?”
He chuckles, his hot breath against your neck sending a tingling sensation of pleasure down your body. “If I would have, I would have gone out to find you first.”
You flush brightly and tug playfully on his hair, “you're getting more and more cheesy with me, what happened to the teasing?”
Ji-Yong pulls his head back and leans his forehead against the back of your neck, “I promised to keep up with the aegyo for my girlfriend, so you're going to be stuck with me doing both, but it's okay, I'll make sure you not to kill you with my cuteness.”
You laugh, causing him to lean forward and sneak a kiss onto your cheek while your defenses dropped down.
A couple days later, you find yourself stretching out your neck to make it pop while your fingers type away the Hangul characters, converting them into the Japanese alphabet system. With the radio turned up to fill the room with white noise, you fail to hear the faint knock on your door until YG's assistant poked his head through the door.
“Ah, I'm sorry, I didn't hear you. Come in,” you say, taking a second to wave him inside.
He walks in carrying a stack of papers and plops them down on your desk, taking a second to look you typing away like a professional. “Falling behind?” He asks.
“No, not really. I'm just shooting this document to the branch in Japan about the new policies the CEO wanted to add in.”
“Ah.” He looks around for a second, then clears his throat again. “You've sure got the knack for drawing unnecessary media don't you?”
Your fingers freeze on the spot as you turn to look at him. “What do you mean?”
He picks up a magazine that laid on top of the paperwork. “This was on the CEO's desk along with the paperwork so I figured he wanted me to bring it to you too. Turns out, all of the attention from BigBang's comeback has completely shifted from them, to focusing on you on Ji-Yong, that really must have ticked off the boss.”
A spark of irritation channels through your system. “It wasn't my intention.”
He nods, “just like it wasn't your intention to get so popular? Well, what can you do. The fans are starting to support you too but that doesn't mean you can drop your guard. Be careful from now on, you're dating a pretty famous celebrity, the media will be on you more often than these documents, if not the media, Ji-Yong's sasaeng fans.” The man takes a bow then excuses himself out of your office.
As soon as the door closed, you reach out and pick up the magazine he had left, scanning through the articles to find the one of you and Ji-Yong. Pictures filled the pages, ranging from when you were first caught with him at the restaurant, to the award show the previous weekend, and all of the pictures that the paparazzi could snap of Ji-Yong tugging you into the safety of his arms after getting ambushed on both occasions.
<<This.... this can't be that bad, can it?>>
Days progress slowly with the paranoia bug latched securely on your conscious. You grow the habit of looking over your shoulder every time you leave your office and every time you make it home with the impotent ability of being able to shake off the sensation of someone or something following you.
Ji-Yong had even began to refrain from going out as much just to cuddle with you on the couch. The very idea of having someone blame you for keeping him from having fun ate at you even though you had yet to be accused, but even when he goes out, he would call you.
The media had died down a notch lower, but it still had a long way to go before completely extinguishing and with the fans starting to support your relationship, many more magazine companies and media outlets had been busy trying to schedule an interview with either you, Ji-Yong, or both.
“Are you sure you don't want to go with me?” Ji-Yong asks, pulling his best aegyo over the kitchen counter.
“I'm sure. I don't think I'm ready to battle another round of raging paparazzi again.”
“We'll have better security this time, I had my manager confirm extra body guards and everything.”
You set down the bowl in your hands then walk over to him. He turns around in his seat and receives you into his arms, locking his hands behind your back. “This is your night. Go and snatch up all the awards because you deserve them.”
He grins from ear to ear, “even the girl group ones?”
You roll your eyes, “especially the girl group ones. You're obviously prettier than any of them, so go.”
His eyes light up in blissful merriment. “But if you go with me, you'll get to pick out what you want to wear this time and look like the goddess you are with me. I get to flaunt you in front of all of the world. They'll be expecting you to show up with me.”
“Really? Why? Look, you'll have other times to do whatever it is you do, but for tonight, go own the world, Mr. G-Dragon.”
Ji-Yong smiles and leans in to kiss you softly, “I love you, baby. Even though you're not going, thank you for being supportive.”
You giggle then sneak another kiss, “I love you too, now go get ready, I don't want you arriving late.”
“Hold on, you're going to help me choose what to wear tonight, that way I know you'll be with me in spirit.” Ji-Yong smirks.
“By choosing your clothes?” You laugh as you get dragged to the bedroom by him.
After several outfits, you finally help Ji-Yong button his shirt, dodging his kisses to yourself from getting too distracted and prolonging his stay.
“I'll text you when I'm on my way, okay? And when I'm coming home. And maybe when I'm there-”
“Go! Don't text and drive! And don't text during the show, it'll look bad! I'll be watching from the televisions!” You giggle.
He pouts. “But what if I miss you?”
“Yaah! I'm going to call your manager and tell him to drag you out of here!”
“I'm going, I'm going! Lock the doors okay? I'll be home soon, baby.”
With another stolen kiss, Ji-Yong disappears behind the door, leaving you alone in the empty apartment. You tilt your head back and sigh.
<<Would they really be expecting me to show up with him?>>
“Aishh, if this adds more fuel to the fire just because I skipped out, I'm going to kick something.”
You head back into the kitchen and finish making dinner. As you settle down on the couch and switch on the television, your phone vibrates with an incoming notification from Ji-Yong.
“On my way to the show, please cheer for me loudly so I can here you.”
A grin blossoms on across your lips, “I'm going to lose my voice in the process but you know I will be! Hwaiting!^^”
You flip through the channels to find the live streaming of the red carpet.
<<Hmm, maybe I should have gone. I mean they already know we're together right? What harm could it have done if I would have gone?>>
You finish your meal just as the countdown to the award show began to tick. You lay your head on the coffee table for support, feeling your eyes grow tired from flickering back and forth the screen to find the yet to appear Ji-Yong.
The final artists on the red carpet head into the venue with the countdown nearing zero. You rub your eyes to keep them open. <<Am I on the right channel?>>
A loud rapid knock on the front door makes you jump. With your heart thumping loudly against your chest, you slowly raise up and head towards the door, flinching when another round of heavy knocking hits the wood.
You look into the peep hole, finding Dae-Sung shifting his weight from side to side.
A relief grin appears on your face as you crack the door open.“Scare me half to death-”
Dae-Sung grabs your arms and yanks you outside and shuts the door, “We have to go, come on.”
You wince. “What? Why?”
He grabs you by the arm and scurries you down the stairs towards Seung-Ri's car.
“Oppa, seriously, what's going on?”
Dae-Sung keeps quiet, continuing to push you towards the car.
You jerk your arm away from him to get him to stop. “I'm serious! I'm not getting in that car until you tell me what's going on-”
“Ji-Yong hyung-” Dae-Sung interrupts, taking you by surprise with the nervous fluctuation in his voice. “Ji-Yong hyung got into an accident. He's in the ER.”
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