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Toph and Zuko should have ended up together!
They may not be perfect as a couple but who is? I still think they would be near perfect for each other though.
Toph and Zuko are both formidable and tough. They could spar happily and freely with no hold backs. And it's the best when you can go as rough as you want ;)
(isn't that really pretty?) They both can un connect from having a wealthy and not so humble background and also not having parents that really understand them. Making them more a like then they think.
To me they're simply just cute together!
Toph the old hell raiser and Zuko the calm soul Just.. I want it to be canon! picture dump below
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No wasnt trying to be rude
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@Priscillasdoor Have you tried updating your app? There's a new commenting feature!
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@danidee That might explain it
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Yeah :3
a year ago
This is a nice ship. It makes me wonder what would happen in Legend of Korra if this ship was canon.
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a lot of people think Chief Beifong is Zuko's daughter and that Toph just didn't want to say. I saw a tumblr post that actually pointed out some similarities between Chief and Zuko
a year ago
I always find those two cute with each other
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