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EXO (Complete member)

Yunho to EXO ❤

"I especially nag EXO a lot. I want to teach them my know-how and mindset on stage, so I nag a lot in this area and I am the type to monitor a lot. I hope that they don't get satisfied with the way they're being treated now and always humbly work hard."
EXO Xiumin; "Since my training period, I was a fan of TVXQ. There would be no EXO without TVXQ . . . The song I like the most is 'Rising Sun.'' “ I’ve looked up to TVXQ since before I joined the company. I met them two weeks after I became a trainee during their ‘Mirotic’ activities. My heart was racing and it was an electrifying moment for me.” “At first, I couldn’t even speak. Though I’ve made my debut, I still feel nervous when I meet U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin. I still feel like just another fan.” The members said Xiumin was a successful ' Cassiopeia (TVXQ fan),' saying, "There are always TVXQ songs on his mp3 player." Xiumin had even taken part in TVXQ's exclusive concert in Japan! http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/04/xiumin-says-thered-be-no-exo-without-tvxq
EXO Chanyeol; When you first joined SM, who is the sunbae you wanted to get close to? “Even though when I was little, I didn’t really know much about idols or singers, but DBSK is the first idol group that I liked. Out of the five sunbaes, my favorite was Yunho Sunbae. He really is very attractive, I admire his sense of responsibility and leadership skills." “After our first broadcast on ‘Inkigayo’, U-Know Yunho senior called us. At that time he was in Japan to do a concert at the Tokyo Dome, but he still monitored our first broadcast and even called us after” and “We put on the speaker phone in the practice room and listened to him all together. He gave advices to each member in detail, it was really touching”. https://worldbigeastcassiopeia.com/2014/05/25/trans-140525-exos-first-concert-tvxqs-u-know-yunho-gave-us-advice-member-by-member/
EXO Suho; “Before my debut, there was a time when I got scolded big time by Yunho sunbae. Whenever one member made a mistake, he would say, ‘Call the leader over.’ I would get in trouble as the representative, but we ended up becoming close because he’s also the leader and he gave me a lot of advice and counseling.” “After our debut, U-Know Yunho sunbae gave more attention to Kai. I think it’s because Kai’s the main dancer, but I was still upset. We were supposed to eat together, but we still haven′t.” http://mwave.interest.me/en/kpop-news/article/40794/exos-suho-was-sad-over-tvxq-yunhos-favoritism
EXO Kris; “TVXQ’s Uknow Yunho sunbae gave us a lot of assistance and guidance during this period of time with regard to our dance practices. Yunho sunbae has actually come to our dance practices and taught us some details of the dance moves and how to express ourselves.”
EXO Kai; “I want to perform with Uknow Yunho sunbae in music programs. He is a senior which we have a lot to learn from, from his cool performances to his stage charisma.”
EXO Baekhyun; “TVXQ are the seniors we wish to emulate and the embodiment of the goal we should strive to attain. TVXQ are able to fill up an entire stage with their presence alone, even though there’s just two people. We barely fill up a stage with 12 people.” http://www.dbsknights.net/2014/01/trans-140110-two-oclock-date-exos.html?m=1
EXO D.O; “DBSK’s U-Know Yunho senior saw the first broadcast and called us from Japan. We put on the speaker phone and listened nervously as he carefully gave us advices on each of our moves and expressions. I think that he’s our warmest senior.”