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This is a really old picture of mine that I drew around 5 years ago. It was supposed to be completed within a week but due to school and stuff I wasn't able to continue it further. After a month I tried to finish it again but I couldn't bring myself to continue it anymore, I kind of had the feeling that it was too late and I would rather leave it as it is now, the outlines even unfinished. I really really like it though :) Visit me at https://www.facebook.com/PiuPiuThePENGUIN?ref=hl http://piupiuthepenguin.deviantart.com/ http://piupiuthepenguin.tumblr.com/
I think it's perfect just the way it is. The smallest details just pop out and the unfinished look is edgy and fresh. I believe it is one of those pictures that was meant to be unfinished. I love it!
@vanlau yeah this is the one :) You kind of inspired me to upload it xD thanks for your comment <3
is this the picuture you where talking about? The one you never managed to finish :)? It . looks. awesome. i really love all those tiny little details <3 A shame it wasn't finished.