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Who:Readerx Shin Hoseok (Wonho) What:Vampire AU, mature content, some gore Chapter 10 Special guest appearances made by: Jackson, Mark & Jaebum of Got7 Bangtan boys Story: The vampire world knows you as the Huntress and vampire hunters everywhere want you on their teams. You're not in the vampire hunting business for sport though you're here for revenge and only one thing can quench your thirst, Lim Changkyun's head on a platter.
Wonho's POV Hoseok didn't have much to put together. He threw a few things in his book bag and headed out. He went to Y/N's place first. He knocked on the door being greeted by Yoongi. Yoongi looked at him oddly. "Where's Y/N?" he asked. "She went with our brother to meet Changkyun." he said. He nodded and stepped out of the house, he sniffed around, it was a habit Y/N had tried to make him develop for his own safety and as a hunter it was important to be able to sense danger before it happened. Hoseok nodded him along and they both moved at break neck speeds to get to Marks hide out. They were greeted at the door by several hunters in a not so nice manner. Jaebum came out to stop them, he was one of Mark's closer members and he'd given him the order to keep out for them. They walked through the building with Jaebum leading them as they looked around at the people gearing up for a huge battle. Some had guns with silver bullets others had silver swords. There were crossbows and throwing knives, anything they could use as a weapon. One girl had a chain made of silver. Jaebum had complimented her highly on her skills with it. Finally, they reached the holding cells where they were greeted by Jackson and Mark and Namjoon. Yoongi immediately made his way over to his brother and Hoseok turned his attention to Jackson. "Are they hurt?" he asked. "Not much but they're pretty weak. If they do agree to helping us they'll need blood." Jackson said. "None of us are willing to give it up for them." Mark said with disdain in his voice. Wonho looked to Mark and opened his bag, "You won't need to I brought a few bottles along. Y/N will need some when she gets back as well." He said. "Where is she?" Jackson asked. "Changkyun wanted to see her so she went to him." Jackson sighed worried, he had his hands to his hips looking as if he were wondering if she were up to something. He didn't like her being near Changkyun anymore than Hoseok did. Honestly, he wondered if his brothers would really resist helping. Minhyuk wanted to be free of Changkyun so when they raced off and he explained Y/N's plan to them he simply laughed and said he wouldn't tell a soul but he didn't necessarily say he would help either. He appreciated that Y/N wanted to keep him safe. He wondered what happened to them when they met that made her want to save him. Minhyuk just said he liked a challenge every now and again. It didn't sound like he was hitting on her and she wasn't accepting his advances, it sounded like they liked to fight each other every once in a while. Minhyuk really was mischievous because he knew the whole time that Y/N was the Huntress and never said anything. Even before Hoseok claimed her he hadn't mentioned that he had a run in with her. He wondered if he really was hoping she would kill him. Hoseok turned his attention to the cells and walked to the room door but the men at the door made him keep the blood and the bag outside the cells. He walked in to see them chained up to a wall. He himself had to avoid touching anything because there was nothing but silver around. "Kihyun, Hyungwon how are you feeling?" he asked. Hyungwon looked up at him slightly dazed, "What the hell are you doing here?" He asked. "Hoseok get us out of here." Kihyun said. Hoseok sighed, "Unfortunately I can't do anything until Y/N comes back. This is her operation." "You let that bitch trick us? What the hell kind of Hunter is she anyway?" Hyungwon snapped. His eyes turned yellow and in turn Hoseok let his eyes turn icy blue. He stared at them, not in a menacing way but gently. He straightened up and said, "She's the Huntress and I think it's wise to do as she asks." he said. "You claimed the Huntress? Are you crazy Hoseok he'll kill her and he'll kill you." Kihyun said. "Not if we follow through with her plan. Look I asked her to keep you alive because you're still my brothers. You can choose to help us or you can stay in the cell until he's dead." Hoseok said. Hyungwon shook his chains upset and growling, "You let her do this to us and then you want us to help you kill our maker? A king no less, she'll never make it out alive and neither with you This is the dumbest fucking decision you've ever made Wonho." "It saved both of you, Y/N had planned to leave Jooheon and Minhyuk alive and kill you two along with Shownu. I convinced her to save you two." Hoseok said. Kihyun straightened up looking at his younger brother. "You didn't try to save Shownu?" he asked. Hoseok looked down, he'd be lying if he said he didn't feel bad for not trying to save him but Shownu had clearly choosen his side and no way in hell was he going to help Y/N kill his maker. He heard Kihyun sigh, "I suppose he wouldn't help anyway." Kihyun said. "What are you saying Kihyun?" Hyungwon said looking at him appalled. "I'm not saying anything yet." Kihyun said looking at Hoseok. Hoseok inhaled slowly and said, "I don't like seeing either of you like this but Changkyun has done shitty stuff to us in the past. Especially how he turned us, killing your family Hyungwon and drinking from your sister Kihyun. We've lived centuries protecting our maker because we had to because we know how strong he is and we fear him. The woman he once claimed as his wife is the one that could help us avenge every person we've lost because of him. If you think Y/N doesn't have an effect on him then you're blind. He clearly loves her and that gives her the ability to get closer to him. She can kill him, we just have to follow her. Think about it, I'll come to see you again I have to go back to Changkyun's side soon." "Hoseok." Hyungwon called out. Hoseok stopped in his tracks just by the door, "She was in the room alone with him a few items, she was already close; why didn't she just kill him then?" "You don't destroy a man by simply killing him, that creates a cycle of revenge seekers. She wanted to make sure that when he died everyone loyal to him went with him. So that it would all end at once." Hoseok left the room before he said anything else. He got out and took back his bag. He told Jackson he was headed to the bar again so that he could meet up with the others. Once he'd gotten to the bar he headed to the back and saw that only Minhyuk and Jooheon were there. "Where's Y/N?" he asked. "What do you mean didn't you take her home?" Jooheon asked. "We went back to my place but Shownu said that Changkyun wanted her so he brought her back here." Hoseok said. "Um Wonho, Changkyun left early this morning for the mansion on Jeju. Shownu went with him." "What?" he said. "He wants us to stay here while he secures the place. Honestly, I don't see why we had to-" Jooheon stopped speaking when Hoseok groaned in pain. He bent over, his hand to his chest. When he realized what it was from he said, "Fuck." He picked up his phone and called Jackson, "Y/N's in trouble I think Changkyun and Shownu have her- I don't know my brothers said they went to Jeju I can feel her pain but I can't catch her scent she's too far out." he said. He could hear Jackson let out a string of curses worried that his best friend was in trouble. Hoseok hung up the phone and looked to Minhyuk and Jooheon. Jooheon looked at Hoseok wondering what was going on and probably who he called. Minhyuk's smile once again was gone, that was always a rare occurrence even in a bad situation but it seemed more and more frequent lately... Y/N's POV You had woken up strapped down to a chair, your vision blurry at first but slowly came into focus when you heard Changkyun's smooth voice. "How could you of all people turn your back on me? You want me dead that bad baby?" he said. You rolled your eyes looking away from him. Being strapped down like that didn't help. He probably knew you were weak from Hoseok drinking your blood. Shownu was standing in the corner, he told him everything he heard. "Where are my sons jagi?" he said. "Now what would be the point in telling you that?" you said amused at his anger. His eyes were glowing yellow, furious at you, "Y/N I really don't want to hurt my beautiful wife-" "EX-wife." you corrected. "I need to know where Hyungwon and Kihyun are you now tell me. This isn't a game, if you're a good girl I'll be nice to you." "Will you make my death quick this time?" you asked with a smile. He stood up straight sighing heavily, "You always were stubborn that will never change. If you don't give me the answers that I want then fine. I'll just have to force them out of you." There was a fire roaring in his fire place and in it was a branding stick. Changkyun grabbed the cool side of it and immediately he was in front of you again. He looked at you but your smile didn't falter, "Sorry baby just remember that I'm doing this with love." he said with cold eyes. "Just get on with it you're boring me." you said. He shoved the branding stick into and you clenched your teeth and gripped the chair. You tried with all your might not to scream or show pain but failed. You let out a scream eventually and tears built up in your eyes. He pulled it back, your flesh sticking to it and you gasped trying to get your heart rate under control. You don't remember ever being burned before but if you had this took the cake. "Where are my sons Y/N?" "Is that all you've got?" you asked through pants. That seemed to tick him off a little more, he knelt down so that he was face to face with you. "That hurt you a lot baby, do you really think you can endure more of that?" he said. "Try me." you challenged. He slightly growled, and threw the branding stick back in the fire. He would probably pick it up later but he needed it hot again. You weren't healing quickly, Hoseok had drank too much and you partly believed you should've just taken Wonho's offer and just drank some damn blood. Changkyun grabbed a knife and stabbed you in your abdomen. You cried out in pain and he pulled his hand away from you leaving the knife inside of you. Your blood was on his hands and he was marveling at the smell of it. That animal nature coming back to him. He came and bit down on your shoulder drinking from you. Shownu had made his way over, the scent of your exposed blood now sending him over the edge. Changkyun held out a hand as if to offer him a taste and he bit down on your inner thigh. That probably would've reminded you of Hoseok, when he did it, it turned you on but when Shownu did it, it was too rough. "I hate you." you growled becoming weaker. You could hear Changkyun's growl and it vibrated against your shoulder. Shownu's fingers were digging into your thighs, pulling your bottom half closer to him. "You'll finally finish the job huh, go a head Changkyun- kill me." you said vengeful. Changkyun immediately pulled back realizing the mistake he had made. A repeat of that day two hundred years ago. "Shownu enough." he commanded. You looked at him in a haze again, Shownu hadn't stopped and by now you had released a moan that only pissed Changkyun off which was exactly what you wanted. Changkyun pulled Shownu off of you and commanded him to wait outside. Shownu nodded, his blue eyes dull even with the light breaking through the window. He was quickly out of the room and you and Changkyun were left alone. He wiped his lip and shook his head, "If I'm going to kill you my love trust me it won't be that easy. You always snap me out of it but your blood is so fucking divine it makes me want to fuck you and drink from you at the same time." "Boy that's romantic." you said sarcastically. Not that you could talk, you got turned on when Hoseok did it. Your head was hanging down tried from being drained of so much blood and you were still losing blood from the stab wound he gave you. He pulled the knife out and started to cut the straps to your dress and pushed the top down to reveal you body. He licked his lips again cleaning them of the remaining blood. "I could make you feel so good jagi. I can forgive you for this all you need to do is tell me where my sons are and I won't punish you anymore. I won't make you cry any more I'll give you everything you want. Be a good girl and tell me where they are baby." he said. "Go fuck yourself." you said groggy. He sighed and stabbed you again in a different area this time. Blood flowed down your stomach and he licked it up, your stomach sucking in from the tickling sensation his tongue caused. You groaned from the pain. "I love you so much Jagi. You just can't see it, you're making me be mean to you. You even tricked Hoseok just annoy me didn't you? You don't love him, do you?" he said. Saying you loved Hoseok was too early you barely knew him for a month but you liked him and with Vampires it was different. They could fall in love quickly and that love could last forever. Hoseok had repeatedly told you he loved you but you never said it back to him. If you really did love him you were going to make sure he was the first to know about it. Again you tried to piss off Changkyun, "I love it when he's fucks me hard and makes me scream his name." you said smiling. This time he slashed a deep gash across your stomach. You gripped the chair again crying out in pain. Tears had fallen from your eyes. Everything hurt, the boys had their orders though, you knew Jackson would follow through so you could stick it out. How were you going to get out of this situation though? You were tired and in pain, and weak from being drained of so much blood that you end up blacking out....
Ehhh cliffhanger?! Mann I. M. Is really an ass hole.. I hope they find her soon.
UGH I can't believe I.M thinks he can win her over after all he's done and saying he loves her as he cuts her? 😤 she deserves Wonho who is loving
Awesome story!!!!!!!!
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