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I threw my covers off me and slowly made my way to the kitchen. My mind wouldn't get over my dream. Why had my brain showed me that? And why didn't Namjoon tell me? It was kind of hard to believe that I was actually friends with Jimin. The same guy that's been trying to kidnap me. But, he seemed different in the dream. Maybe something happened? I don't know. I couldn't pin point it or 'surprisingly' remember it. I entered the kitchen and found Hoseok and Namjoon sitting at the table casually eating some cereal. Well, I really don't want to just sit here and keep wondering. Better just flat out ask them. I abruptly walked over and sat down in one of the empty seats. "Good morning." Both guys looked and me and I saw Namjoon give me a little smile. "Morning." They said. "So, mind if I ask you a question?" I asked, getting straight to the point. Namjoon raised an eyebrow and put his spoon down. "Um, I guess." He said. "What is it?" Hoseok asked, looking at me curiously as he kept eating his own cereal. "Well.... I've been having these 'dreams' and they've been giving me memories of the past. They've kind of already told me that you had wings and about being chained to a wall by Jimin, and last night I had another one and it told me that I was friends with three Devils. I think their names were Yoongi, Jungkook and Jimin. I just wondering if that was true." I said. Hoseok and Namjoon just looked at me concerned. "Dreams?" Hoseok asked, frowning a little. "Ya, more like memories I forgot." Namjoon just kept looking at me while Hoseok continued to talk. " And your dream told you that you were friends with the same Devils that are trying to kidnap you?" I nodded my head, confirming what he was saying. "That doesn't make any sense. Namjoon has been your guardian angel ever since you were little and he doesn't remember those three." "He's right." Namjoon joined in, finally talking. "You were never friends with Jimin. The memory must of been a flunk." I bite my lip, pondering over the possibility. Maybe they were right. But, everything I've dreamed up have been right. Some how I don't think it was a flunk. "Maybe...." I said, seeing that I wasn't going to get an answer. The rest of the day was uneventful and as I climbed back into bed I thought again about my previous dream. I still didn't think it was a flunk, but all the guys think it was. I stretched out my legs and sighed, laying down my head on the soft pillow. Maybe tonight I'll have another dream to shine light on my problem? -The wind wiped at my face as I found myself being tugged by someone by my arm violently. I jolted my head up and found Jimin running like a maniac. The colorful leafs danced all around us, which only meant one thing: it was fall. "Come on Ara!" Jimin yelled, a smile plastered on his face. I looked to my right and saw Jungkook running along with us, laughing. Is this another memory? What should I do? "I'm coming!" I yelled back on instinct, following his lead. We suddenly heard yelling and I looked back curiously and found Yoongi yelling angrily. Why is Yoongi chasing after us? I was about to turn my head back to ask when I saw four more figure coming into view, running just as fast as Yoongi. Is that Namjoon?!?! Wait, the rest of the guys are there too. I quickly turned my head, making sure I didn't fall, and gripped Jimin's hand tighter so I wouldn't be left behind. Why do they look so mad? I saw Jimin look at me from the corner of his eye a little surprised and saw how his smile became bigger, giving my hand a squeeze. "Run faster!" Jungkook hollered, taking the lead. "Why are we running again?" I huffed out. "Don't you remember? We caramelized onions, making them look like carmel apples, and gave it to all of them." Jimin laughed, throwing his head back. I heard Yoongi yell out "I'm going to kill of you!" "Not before I do!" Jin screamed. Crap. They look mad. "And why did we do this?" I asked, maneuvering between some rocks in the way. Jungkook shrugged his shoulder and smirked evilly. "Because it was hilarious." I rolled my eyes sarcastically and looked back at them. "Oh ya. It's going to hilarious when they catch up with us isn't it." I said, not noticing the sudden rock in my way. My foot latched on to it and I immediately fell bringing down Jimin with me, since we were holding on to each other. I landed with a thud on the ground with Jimin on top of me. My face immediately heating up from my clumsiness and at how close we were. I saw Jimin was doing the same. "Um..." I stuttered trying to find some, any, words to say. However, I didn't have time before a hand clasped on to Jimin's shirt and yanked him off me. It was Namjoon. "Get off her!" He growled, pushing him back. Jimin stumbled back and looked at him surprised."ah, sorry." He mumbled, looking at the ground. "Namjoon settle down." I said, getting up and dusting off my pants. "It's not that big of a deal." He frowned even more and glared at me. "Yes it is. You're my gi-"- Before I could find out what Namjoon was going to say the moonlight in my room woke me up and I soon found myself back in my own room. I looked at my clock curiously. It was only three in the morning. I was about to go back to bed, but suddenly I heard a strange sounding bell go off in my brain and I weirdly didn't have any control of my movements anymore as I got out of bed. What am I doing? Why can't I control my movement! I quietly walked out of the house and down the street and another and another. I couldn't do anything as I soon found myself walking into a dark looking house. Where am I? Another bell went off and I suddenly took a deep breath, snapping out my trance. I darted my eyes nervously around my surrounding. "Um, hello?" I whispered, creeping deeper into the room. All of a sudden a ball of fire emerged out of no where, illuminating someone's smile. "It worked." A males voiced echoed. "Who would of thought." Another one chuckled. "Idiots, of coarse it worked." These voices sound really familiar..... "Who's there?" I called out, trying to sound as brave as I, hopefully,looked, which to be honest, really wasn't that much. The lights came on, which astonished me, since I didn't even know the light could work anymore. I soon, amazingly, found myself face to face with the three Devils from my dream. "Jungkook,Yoongi, Jimin?" I gasped. They smiled back, showing their fangs, which I didn't even know was on purpose or natural for them. "You remembered." Jungkook smirked. "Don't get any ideas Jungkook, she's mine." Jimin scowled, watching him smile at me. Jungkook held up his hands in defense and backed up a little even though they were already a good distance away from me still. "We know. We'll leave you to do your thing or what ever now then." Jungkook said, putting his hands in his pockets and unfurling his wings, ripping his shirt in the process. "We just wanted to see if the summoning would work or not and of coarse wanted to see Ara again." Yoongi added, smirking at the last part and ripping out his own wings. They both walked out of the room and launched into the air, taking off. Jimin smiled once they were gone and put out his hand. "Come here." I shifted on my feet, not sure if I should really comply. "Um, I'm good here thanks." I said. In the next second Jimin was in front of me, his eyes blazing a bright red. "Come." He command. I immediately followed his direction and sat on the couch. Once I did so Jimin's eyes turned back to normal as he sat beside me. "Now, that wasn't so hard." He smiled cockily. What am I going to do? I can't run out of here. He can pretty much catch me or do what ever he just did and compel me to stay. "What do you want?" I gulped. He smiled even more, showing his fangs again. "Don't you remember? I want you." He said, but then suddenly sighed. "Oh, that's right I took away your memories. Well, I guess I could give you back the ones from the night before now." He said, grabbing my chin and staring into my eyes as his eyes glowed a deep red. Before I knew it the memory of Jimin in my room was replied at light speed though my head and I immediately jerked my head away. "Why did you do that?" I said, stumbling back a little. Jimin grabbed my hand and pulled me closer. "Because I felt like it." He flatly responded. "You don't make sense." I said. "Wasn't trying too." He cocked his head a little and pushed my head in the opposite side. "Now, give me your blood." He command, coming closer. Wow, this guy moves fast. I widen my eyes and put my hands on his chest trying to push him back. "No!" I yelled, using all my strength. Dang it. I forgot. He's super strong. Soon his lips softly grazed my neck and I muffled a scream as his fangs punctured into me. "You know, you never minded me drinking your blood before." Jimin said a few minutes later, wiping his bright red lips with his thumb as he brung his head up. "I don't know what your talking about." I mumbled, putting a hand on my neck, trying to stop the blood. "We used to be friends." He said, smiling a little. "I know." I replied softly, not looking at him. Even so I could tell he was surprised at what I just said. "How do you know that?" He asked a little intrigued. "I've been having dreams that tell me about my past." I curiously looked at him at the corner of my eye and saw that he was looking straight at me. "What?" I asked, obviously sensing that he was thinking about something. He sighed softly, annoyed and moved away from me. "I guess my hypnosis is wearing off." He moaned. "What do you mean?" "Why should I tell you?" He said, eyeing me. I was taken back a little at his words. "Um, well it's my memories." He cocked his head and laid down on the other side of the couch, crossing his arms as he did. "You're going to have to try harder then that if you want me to tell you." He smiled evilly. I nervously looked at him, not sure what he was implying. "Um, what do you want then." I asked. He smirked and scrunched one of his eyes closed, looking like he was thinking hard about something. "Ah! How about you tell me where Namjoon and his little angel friends are hiding." He said. I arched my eyebrows kind of surprised. "That's what you want? Don't you already know where Namjoon lives?" Jimin shrugged "We know where your parents live. Not those Angels." I looked down at the ground bitting my lip as thought it over. Telling him would put the Angels and I in danger and I would have to move again, so that's out. "I can't do that." I said firmly. Jimin chuckled and in the next minute pushed me down with his arms on each side of me, hoisting himself above me. "Well, there is one other thing I want." He said caressing my cheek. "I guess I can settle for that instead." His touch sent a shiver down my spine. "Wait, wait, wait, I change my mind. I'll take your first offer." I rapidly spoke, my breathing coming out in huffs at how his lips were already brushing against mine. Jimin playfully pouted at my words. "You're no fun" He sighed, getting off me. I quickly got up and pushed myself as far I could away from him, scared for my life "Just tell me." I said. Jimin laughed again and laid down again at his same spot he was before. "When I use my power it doesn't hold forever. The person eventually starts to remember depending on how much energy I use. So for you saying that you remember us being friends means that it's wearing off. You're angel friends should be remembering any day now then too." "Um, ok, so that's why when I asked Namjoon about you he didn't know what I was talking about." Jimin nodded. "Now, tell me where you're hiding." He said. Guess I have no choice now. And if I don't tell if I'm actually afraid of what he might do to me. "They're hiding me in another house. It's about fifteen miles away from my parents." Jimin nodded like he understood and got up. "Well that was very informative. That's all I needed you for really. You can go now. I'll call for you tomorrow." He said, beckoning me to follow. I stood up a little shocked "Wait, that's all you wanted and you're going to call me tomorrow? But I have more questions." He shook his pointer finger playfully at me. "That wasn't the deal." Jimin said, turning his eyes red. "Now go." He command. The last thing I remember was me walking out the door and into the cold night air. I didn't tell the guys about Jimin. I still wanted answers and seeing that the Namjoon didn't have all of them, That meant I, sadly, needed Jimin. I didn't know when exactly my memories would be back and I really did not want to wait. I had know now and I had to get the guys away from suspecting anything. However, Jimin was right about Namjoon and his friends getting back their memories about being friends and they were quick to say something to me surprisingly. But, it wasn't like I got a whole new batch of information. It was the usual 'I'm sorry, I forgot you were friends with Jimin.' With them getting their memories back too they were extra precautions about me now. What surprised me still was that that said me. My dream showed all of us. Anyway, luckily for me I didn't have to wait long to Jimin to summon me since he always would call me back every night around the same time so I was already prepared to sneak out of the house. It freaked me out a lot how he could just say my name and I would automatically know exactly where he was and know how to get there. Sometimes when I came Jungkook and Yoongi would be there, but mostly it would be just Jimin. I tried my best to get more information out of him, but he would always make a deal with me for only a small bit of information. This went on for two weeks and at this rate it was getting harder and harder to keep my secret away from the guys. Sooner or later they would figure it out.