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Thats right! he is no longer a boy, he is a man and wants us to stop calling him this...
The other day the already known as Junior wrote on his social media to officially let us know that he *officially * changed his stage name to Jinyoung.
Personally I instantly thought that he outgrew the name Junior. The name junior seams for a younger self jinyoung and now he wants to be man Jinyoung :)
I mean he was never really Junior was he?
does this mean we will see alot more of this?? I'm in!
its going to be hard since we've known him for so long as Junior ! but easy at the same time for those that knew his full name all along.
Fans suspect that Jinyoung changed his name because it was hard for him growing up in the group with the name Junior and that many people called or confused it with J.R pronunced Jay R and not Junior.
on his social media he wrote as following. Here's the English translation of the tweet: โ€œFrom today on, Iโ€™ll be carrying out my activities as Jinyoung instead of Junior. Iโ€™ll become Jinyoung who tries harder. Please support me! Thank you!!!โ€
so please aghases! let's respect Jinyoungs wishes and let's spread the word! It must feel amazingly liberating for him as well to just be who he is!
they have already changed it here and on the fan page!
we love you no matter what!
*sniffles* my baby is growing up
๋„ค, ๋„ค, ๋„ค!!!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜