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I was tagged by @nimm14 to play this game. You take a list of characters from any sort of fandom and randomize them in a list. This is the order for the characters: 1. Parent : 2. Sibling : 3. Grandparent : 4. Haunts you : 5. Romantic Partner : 6. Your Ex : 7. Your Bestfriend : 8. Proposed to you : 9. Your Boss : 10. The random person you met at the Bar : 11. Your rival : 12. Gave you your first kiss : 13. Drunk and Singing Karaoke : 14. Played Seven Minutes in Heaven with : 15. Gave you your favorite dessert :
Kid is my parent................................I'm doomed
My sibling is Genos. Yes!!
Egypt is apparently my grandpa.............(;_;)
Jellal haunts me. I don't know if I mind............
Shikamaru is my romantic partner
Killua is my Ex. I better start running!! \(OoO)/
Law is my best friend. I think this might actually work
Akashi proposed to me *dead*
Luffy is my boss. Best boss ever!!!!!!
I randomly met Ichigo at the bar.
Senji is my rival.........hmm..........
Greece gave me my first kiss <3 I can die happily now
Ace is drunk and singing karaoke Lol I can imagine this
I played Seven Minutes in Heaven with Turkey 😍😍😍😍
Izaya have me my favorite dessert, I think this might be a trick......... @Loyalkitty @goos0812 @JonathanMilliga @ummok @LorenaLolyLop @hikaymm @watermage @Tylor319 @BlackoutZJ
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LOL good luck to you XD
lol this is great, but yeah with kid as a dad ur probably doomed xD
Yep XD