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Unfortunately, Kai of EXO will not be helping to promote and perform the new EXO album, Lotto.
But, like many other things, there is a good reason. Kai has an ankle injury and it is better for him to step back and recover. Without a proper heal, it could impact him in a hugely negative way.
Kai did the recording of the album and filmed the MVs, but it's better this way to heal.
This injury had occurred during the recent 'EXO Planet 3- EXO'rDIUM' concerts, and has yet to heal. Which leaves us eagerly awaiting his return.
Sending all my get wells his way, so he can be back up sooner than later!
As for the remaining 8 healthy members, they will have their first performance of Lotto on August 19th, through Music Bank.

What are your thoughts? Glad Kai is taking time to heal? Let us know down below!

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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Like many EXO-Ls I'm really concerned for him because he's broken that ankle before, but I know that it will heal (properly I hope) and he can continue performing with the boys ☺️☺️
I'm glad it is the previous injury and not yet another injury. It is nice to know he is actually getting to rest and recuperate properly for once.
What caused his previous injury anyway?
its good that He's resting, so he can heal properly. And they SM are slave drivers. so exergerated
Kia has injured that ankle before, so I do think long term, he's going to have very careful with it.
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