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"What if Tracer teleported with her farts." I will never be too old for fart jokes. Was supposed to be blue farts too but ain't nobody got time to color.
Teen Mccree meets Teen Hanzo for the first time. Hanzo isn't understanding these strange foreigners.
And that is the limit of my knowledge of Spanish swears. Yes, I am Hispanic and speak the language. ¡No manches! This probably would be their relationship.
I thought about it for a minute and I think I ship them now. This is where I started to get tired.
Was supposed to be Pharmercy but I was so tired at this point that I drew this with my eyes closed. I think they were supposed to be playing basketball.
You're so good! I want to see some of your color stuff sometime.
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@danidee Thanks! I really should post more here.
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You should!! :D
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