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First of all there's a site I watch all my kdramas on called NewAsianTv, it doesn't have commercials or any things so it's pretty good (the only issue is that sometimes it'll say it has a show but they really don't). Now for my recommendations (^.^) (some of these are still ongoing dramas just remember that) *this means that I highly recommend it. *W *The Lovers The Reply series the School series Uncontrollably Fond *Age of Youth *Descendents of the Sun Coffee Prince Cheese in the Trap (the webtoon is really good too so I'd read that also) *Bromance(not a kdrama its actually Taiwanese but its sooo good and super cute/funny) Beautiful Gong Shim *Oh My Ghostess Pinocchio Twenty Again To The Beautiful You Cheer Up! I Hear Your Voice Dream High (the first one, I didn't like the 2nd one) Kill Me, Heal Me My Lovable Girl BubbleGum 9seconds- eternal time(its also on Netflix) High Kick 3- revenge of the short legged
sorry for the small list I just strayed Watchung kdramas •playful kiss •9 seconds •never die •click tour heart
Dream High, Descendants Of The Sun, Full House, My Love for Another Star, Healer, You Are All Surrounded, It's Okay, That's Love, The Village: Achiara's Secert, I Remember You (on Viki) Gu Family Book
To the beautiful you Boys over flowers Heirs Dream high Dream high 2
To the Beautiful You Heartstrings Jekyll, Hyde, and I Cheer Up Decedents of the Sun High School 2015 Young Pal Blood Oh my Ghostess Exo Next Door Baker King Kim Tak Goo Dream High Who Are You?
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