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My fanfiction is done! I was inspired to make my own after reading this one a while back: I just didn't like that Bickslow lived with a traveling circus so I put my spin on it. I welcome positive feed back. Please no rude stuff. I like constructive criticism so let me know what you think! (Pics go from left to right) @AimeBolanos @NessaB @Kell13 @alexcattura @HunnaBallue @TheRedWolf35 @Nyan @Boinx @hikaymm @LeshelleHoward
L: kyahh kyahh C- ohhohoho L- eh?? C-Cana-San! How long have you been there?! C- ufufu Long enough
C- so what brings you outside of the guild? L- I-I'm just waiting for Bickslow.. C- ufufu oh really? Do I hear wedding bells? L- Cana-San! It's just a date!
B- hi Lisanna. Sorry to keep you waiting C- I'll take my leave. Enjoy your date ❀️ B- you look beautiful, Lisanna L- you look very handsome ☺️ B- are you ready to spend the day together? L- yes!
B- alright! Let's go! πŸ’š L- I love the beach! πŸ’œ
B- I'm really happy we got to go on a date today. We've been dating for a while now and I've been wanting to tell you something. Just needed to find the right words to say... I want to tell you about my past. Only the Raijinshuu and the master know.. I wouldn't be the man I am today if Lauxus didn't find me.. I was a brat living alone on the streets. Loathed and shunned by everyone. They said I killed my family. Stranger: "Stay the hell away from here you damn brat!" B- they said I was cursed.
B- They didn't know what I went through. I hated them. I hated everyone. I used to have parents, a brother and sister and three more on the way. When the triplets were finally born, our family finally felt complete. For the next year and a half, our family was the happiest family in the whole world. That happiness came to an abrupt end..
B- One clear and beautiful night, after everyone fell asleep, I snuck out to go star gazing. It was so peaceful, I fell asleep until morning. When I returned home, it was nothing but a pile of smoke and charcoal. Turns out, my father owed a large debt and a mercenary guild visited my house in the middle of the night and burned it down. I became the last living member of my family. I was ALONE. As I cried in anguish, a power within me awoke.
B- Bexause of the power, I was able to sense the lingering spirits of my siblings. They took possession of their favorite toys that came out of the fire unscathed. No matter how much I begged and pleaded with them to join our parents in the after life, they insisted on staying with me. I wanted to avenge my family, but I was called a monster so often I started to believe it and began robbing travelers of their valuables. That's how I met Laxus. B- excuse me, sir? L- hmm.. B- do you have any food or jewel to spare? L- not for you, kid.
B- oh really.. Go my babies!! Take lol of his valuables!! **zap zap****crashboom** (idk how to make lightning sound lol) B- M-my babies!! What have you done to my babies?!!
L- look kid. I know who you are. My job is to get rid of you. But I'm going to give you a choice. Either you come with me without putting up a fight or I put an end to this now. B- as you can tell, I followed him that day and came to the guild. The best part about coming here was meeting you...L-Lisanna!! Ple-please don't cry!
L- the reasons for these years is that I never want you to feel alone again B- L-Lisanna? **blush** L- I love you Bickslow πŸ’œ
I got lazy with the coloring and the background details. Took longer than I thought lol
this is great πŸ˜‚
It was really good! I sod never be able to finish something like this, so you have a lot of dedication
Lol thanks! It took me forever to do this tho. Probably a good two weeks. I thought I'd never finish because stuff kept coming up lol
So cute <3 it's awesome ^^
Thanks! Glad you liked it!
love it
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@LCordz no problem,anything for my fam in the community
Ohh! I get it you kind of put a twist to Blanania's version! I love it! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œβ€πŸ˜
Yeah. I like her version. But when I got to the circus part I was like "really πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘" and I felt Bickslow should have been the one to tell her. Not evergreen lol
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