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Okay this honestly broke my heart. I've been meaning to make this post for a little while now so can I just say that this makes me so angry. On the broadcast he was showing the audience what he was eating then brought up that fans only like skinny Jimin. Now this is totally outrageous. Jimin deserves to be able to eat what he wants without having to have the feeling that he would be letting us down. I know he ate very well in the broadcast and that he told us not to worry about his health but how can I not?? Look at what fans made him think! During this, it looked like he got so upset so he changed topics. Also look at how he isn't making eye contact with the camera. That just shows how uncomfortable he is! I'm aware that he told us not to expect abs in 2016 because he wants to eat more but when he dances you can definitely notice that he is still way too skinny. It just breaks my heart to know that fans will only accept Jimin if he's skinny and that his diet revolves around that. Please send love to this angel. He doesn't deserve to be told by society what is acceptable and what is not. He is a human being. Let him be! I'm sorry if this rant was a little too aggressive. I love Armys but sometimes our fandom can do as well as say preposterous things to one another and to our beloved boys. So please send love to one another and to our boys. They work so hard to please us and then they get treated like this...it's just gut wrenching. ** please be safe today and have a great day! **
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@luvhyoyeob22 yes yes yes!!
@ChaErica I know :(
in my opinion (and in many other pwoples) he isn't the most attractive person in the group (not to say he isn't smokin) but he has one of the larger groups that favor him. I think he needs to realize that the reason so many people love him is because he's such a passionate, inspirational and beautiful person. his devotion to his fans happiness is one of the things that we love about him, but when it gets to the point of him harming himself and damaging his health over our entertainment, we end up being in pain along with him. anyone that would be as selfish as to tell someone to harm themselves to fit their standard and be what they perceive as acceptable isn't not only not someone who supports you, they aren't your friend, and they're definitely not your fan no matter how much they claim to be.
i dont think fans understand how much impact they have on the idol. esp kfans, bc they speak fucking Korean, and understand that better. like stop calling fans fat, ugly, and shit. like fat is a descriptive word, but when u use it in a ugly sense, it makes the idol feel ugly. so stop being ugly and gross urself, and stop telling ppl how they should live
All I'm going to say is I love chubby Jimin. His cheeks are the cutest things ever.