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I don't really consider myself a fan of twice (I do like them though); however, this choreography is just so amazing and totally unexpected from members of a group that's generally very bright and happy, so I felt that I needed to make a card about it. I'm not too sure what the voice in the beginning said, but in my opinion this choreography is basically about Momo being so insanely in love with Mina that her love reaches the point of abuse and obsession (most likely) without her even realizing it. Eventually it comes to a point where Mina dies because of the abuse. The people at the end all have their hand covering their eyes, which represents them turning a blind eye to what is going on.
I applaud Momo, Mina, and whoever choreographed this dance for bringing light on such taboo subjects (homosexuality and abuse). I really think that this performance should've gotten more points than it did, but perhaps the idea of abuse might've been a bit too much for Korean audiences to handle.