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soo... did you ever look around and realise how far you've gone down the kpop rabbit hole? I was out getting some school supplies for my korean class next month and i quickly realized... I picked all fandom colors.... Not that this is bad but just a realization for myself. So I looked into it further.
My room caught my eye first..
My computer and walls are covered and i still have 6 posters to put up...
Next my accessories
light sticks, bracelets i dont take off, school stuff, pencil cases, a camera, a purse XD
My phone....
oh yeah and my body...
plugs... tattoo and hair lol
So basically SHINee and Kpop took over my life and I just wanted y'all to know that.
Hi I'm ViVi and I'm addicted to kpop!


Thank You for Loving and Supporting SHINee! 샤이니를 사랑해주셔서 감사합니다!

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I love all the shinee stuff, I have a collection with all the posters in my room , but I also have tons of kpop sweatshirts , have a smiley tattoo and romen numerals (like gd), I plan to get a lot more kpop related tattoo(I really want knk song lyrics) but yeah I'm beyond kpop trash and I'm beyond proud
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oh i didnt think to add my clothes stash haha i also have some stuff for that XD
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I want to know how my you tube ads are in Spanish when I watch Korean shows and videos
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no idea lol
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Wow your mind got invaded by shinee from body to soul....I will probably end up obsessed in a couple months or a year. I already taking time for kpop every day and if I don't It bothers me all day until I got to kpop stuff
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i love shinee's fandom color so i tried painting my room but it turned out to be too green and i ended up with an ugly green. but posters help with that.
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it so pretttyyyyy
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Shinee has influenced me to take Korean classes and I learned kpop dances!
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