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This doesn't usually happen when I watch VIXX's MVS but in 'Fantasy', the one member who caught my eye was Ravi! Don't get me wrong. I don't hate him. I love him just as much as these other dorks but in their MVs, I don't notice him unless he's rapping. But in Fantasy, he had me completely in a trance!
It started with this particular scene of the MV. It was for a split second but I had to pause and stare (is that weird? xD) an then obviously my brain farted out the idea to screenshot this frame. He just looks so gorgeous! Idk what it is but I just can't. Again, is that weird? xD
And then came the actual rap part. And Imma be honest, I must've replayed his rap a GAZILLION TIMES I'M NOT EVEN JOKING. Whether I've watched the entire MV, doesn't matter. But I would always skip and make sure I watched his rap! Lol, when I think about this entire situation, you would've probably predicted what VIXX song comes to mind:
I NEED THERAPY LA LA LA LA THERAPY OH I NEED THERAPY I REALLY DO NEED THERAPY xD The others were just as amazing but I just needed to get my feelings for Ravi other a bit. You understand, right? Tagging some Starlights! @KAddict @kpopandkimchi @aimeeH @helixx @mandynoona @princess2425 @netchibates @lexxcisco @starbell808 @emilypeacock @taetaebaozi @kelseyblair @jiyongleo
See you!
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I UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY!!! RAVI IS MY UB FOR A REASON!! I don't know why I had the caps on there. Didn't mean to yell... Or did I? Anyway, I understand the effect Ravi has. For me, there's no turning back. It's Ravi all the way and speaking of him slaying this comeback... 😱😱😱
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I Completely Understand! Ravi's an Angel! 😍😍😍
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You're not the only one. I thought the same too. Maybe it's the hair haha
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Ravi is definently an angel and normally I'd be all in to N or Hyuk and even Hongbin but Ravi totally caught me off guard with this MV I think he's trying to become my UB 😍😍😍😍😍
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I absolutely die when I see Ravi's profile. 😍😍 He is so devastatingly handsome. Just takes my breath away. 😡
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