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The Melody Mod Squad put this challenge together and I decided I would participate. I haven't seen a BTOB challenge before so I'm actually kind of excited to try this and see how we did in creating this.
Day One is difficult. Right off the bat we made it tough. Well, There are so many great BTOB songs and I love them all, but let me see if I can narrow it down.

Irresistible Lips

I'm not sure if this is my favorite BTOB song now but it's the first one I called my favorite. Something about the melody, lyrics and emotion in this song completely snagged my attention. I love the vocals as the vocal line always shines and the raps are fantastic too. I think it was well writen, well crafted and well produced. This is one of those songs I'll put on repeat whenever it comes on.
I love the music video as well. The choreography is pretty iconic to BTOB in my opinion and my favorite part of the choreo is during Changsub's part at the chorus. Another great thing about the MV is Eunkwang with blond hair which is pretty much life! Did you see that kiss and that slap? Great story line boys.

Killing Me

This is another one of my favorites as well. This one hits me right in the gut. Hyunsik wrote the lyrics and he did a fantastic job. It's so beautiful and you can really hear the emotion in their voices. I love Peniel's zombie rap. When I first heard it I thought it was a little odd with the zombie line, but now I wouldn't have the song without it. I wait for his rap every time.
I can totally relate to the meaning of this song and the arrangement emphasizes those feelings well.


This song takes the cake. I can't deny the tragic beauty of this song. I think BTOB completely outdid themselves with this one. I listened to it on repeat for days, DAYS, when it first came out. Months later, I still listen to it for DAYS!!! It gives me chills and catches my breath. It stirs something deep inside me and I am so amazed by their vocals and rapping and how each member truly gets to shine in this song. Everyone is the lead, every line and note is perfectly crafted, placed, sung and rapped. It is really just a brilliantly beautiful piece of art and I don't think I'll ever get sick of it.
L.U.V was actually what pushed them to the top and elevated BTOB to my Bias Group Spot. They over took BIGBANG, which I didn't think possible. Only an incredible and immeasurable amount talent could have done that. In all honesty, I fell for their talent; their personalities and good looks were just a bonus.
This is a Japanese release and I'm hopeful they will do something like this in Korean as well.
you and that L.U.V
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I LUV it! hehehe
This is a fun challenge I can get behind :)
YAY! I look forward to your cards.
I love "Killing Me"as they are killing me!!!
I was having a hard time because I don't know all their songs yet but your card really helped me out 😆
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You're very welcome.