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Here's another chapter. I surprised myself and wrote the whole thing in a day πŸ˜„.
"The Devils haven't come for Ara yet. What do you think they're planning?" Jin asked as we all sat around the tv. Namjoon, who was sitting next to me shrugged. "I don't know. We'll just have to keep an extra eye on her to make sure." I've been noticing more that Namjoon's been doing this a lot recently. In the past two weeks he's been paying more attention to me: sitting closer to me, doing small tasks and volunteering to guard me. I couldn't lie saying that I didn't like it. However, it was sometimes getting in the way of going to see Jimin. I know that Namjoon's my guardian angel so all that's stuff is normal for him to do. I really shouldn't get my hopes up. Nothing was really playing on the tv so I got the idea to run to the store to get a few things, so I quickly got up and started to find my shoes. "Hey, Ara, where are you going?" Taehyung asked, watching me stuff my feet into my tennis shoes. "I think I'm going to run to the store." I said back. "Oh, ok. Namjoon go with her." Taehyung said, eyeing the TV again. I looked at Namjoon and saw him simply nod and get up, putting on his shoes. Yup, just the normal thing for a guardian to do. Namjoon's POV Should I tell her now? It's already been two weeks and things seem to have settled down I thought as I watched her stuff things into a small cart in the grocery store. We are technically alone too. Well, the most you can be alone in a grocery store. There wasn't a lot of people here anyway. Ara's POV I went through the isles quickly, shoving everything I need into my small cart with Namjoon trailing behind me. "So, out of curiosity what does a guardian angel do?" I asked, trying to start up a conversation since I sensed awkward air filling in between us. Namjoon looked surprised at my sudden question and grabbed something off the shelf, throwing it into the cart "um, well a guardian angel is assigned to a person at birth and they grow up together and the angel helps stir the human on the right path and protect them." I frowned a little. "But I'm not human." Namjoon grabbed another random thing. "Technically you are." He said. I looked at him a little weird. Didn't he say I was an angel before? "What do you mean?" "You're a half angel. That's what makes your blood special and why Jimin's after you. You're mom fell for the human she was assigned too and as a price she had to stay on Earth. So, when you were born you were assigned a guardian angel." What the hell, why didn't my parents tell me? "And your telling me this now?" I asked, looking at him astonished. "Well, it's not really rare in heaven for angels to fall in love with a human. So I'm guessing your parents just forgot to tell you when you figured out you were an angel the second time." Namjoon said, walking a little farther down the isle. I trailed after him trying to get more information. "Then what do you think about falling in love with a human?" I asked. Technically, in definition, I was a human, so it wouldn't hurt to ask.....Namjoon smiled a little, looking at me from the corner of his eye. "I wouldn't mind it." I tried to hide the smile that was forming on my face too with my hand, but I just ended up looking weird so I cleared my throat, rather loudly. "That's cool." I said trying to act cool, picking out the last item I needed. Namjoon POV Ok, I don't think I can be more obvious when I said I wouldn't mind falling in love with a human, but I don't think she gets it. -_-. Ara's POV That night as I drifted off to sleep the last thing I thought of before another memory overcame me, which was becoming normal for me at this point since it's been happening every night, was the last thing Namjoon said to me at the store. 'I wouldn't mind falling for a human' maybe then I do have a chance? And at that I smiled. -This time I found myself in my parents house, with my mom and dad sitting on each side of me as I sat on the couch. I looked down at my hands and saw that they were smaller. I guess I'm in middle school? "Ara?" My dad voice echoed in the living room where we were. I looked up and saw that they both were looking down at me. "Ya?" "We like to officially introduce you to someone." My mom said, placing a hand on my back and gesturing with the other to a boy my age across the table, siting in a single chair. It was Namjoon. "I already know who that is." I said. My parents smiled. "We know, but there's something we want you to know." "Um, ok?" Namjoon coughed a little, getting my attention. "This might be hard to believe, but I'm an angel sent to guard you." Ohhhhh, so this must be the memory of my parents telling me that I'm a angel. I should probably act surprised. I widened my eyes for show and looked at all of them."That's doesn't make sense. You don't even have wings." "Yes I do. I can show you." Namjoon said, standing up. I nodded and waited as his familiar white wings extended out and expanded a few feet each way. "No, way!" I gasped, standing up to touch his soft, feathery wings just like the first time. "There's another thing too." My mom said. I looked back at them shocked. "There's more?" My mom nodded. "You're also an angel. Actually half angel to be exact." "What? No way!" I smiled brightly at them, acting excited. "When do I get my wings?" I even shocked myself asking the sudden question. That's right. I am an angel, so why don't I have wings? Up until now I haven't the even thought of my angel traits, but now that I really think about it why don't I have wings? My parents looked at my a little shocked too. "Um, well, a half angel don't get their wings until their an adult, so twenty. You will have to wait awhile." My mom said, kind of awkwardly. Wait, I'm twenty! Oh my gosh! I'm so asking Namjoon about this, but right now I need to act sad so I don't look suspicious. "Oh, ok." I frowned a little and let go of Namjoon's wings. "Now that we've told you about being an angel there is one thing you need to know. You're childhood friend Jimin is a devil. Even so, we've let you hang around him since I was friends with his parents before they became a fallen angel and was killed by the peace keepers after he was born. He can't help what he is, but now that he is living on Earth with a host family the one rule is to never give your blood to him. I know he isn't like his parents, he's a nice boy and I trust him, but as a half angel your blood has healing properties and if a devil drinks it they are given an illegal power. Jimin would be over come with the sin of greed, completely changing his personality and would want to form a bond with you, making you his slave. Once a Jimin makes the bond you can't escape unless you kill him and I don't want you to kill one of the friends." My mom said. I just stared blankly at her, not even having to fake my surprised face now. So, that's the story behind Jimin.....Learning important information through my dreams didn't even fade me now since no one seemed to tell me anything useful any of the time. I bet Jimin wiped their memories anyways, so it's not even worth asking them about it. They'll remember soon enough. I sighed and nodded to my mom's request. "Ok, I won't." Of coarse I knew I wouldn't keep that promise since now Jimin is drinking my blood every night, which only met we had a bond. The only thing I wanted to know now was how Jimin drank my blood the first time if my mom said he was a nice boy. I guess I'll just have to ask him when I visit him tonight. Speaking of tonight, I should be waking up any minute now.
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