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Disney held its bi-annual D23 Expo over the weekend in Anaheim, giving fans and press a sneak peek at what's to come from the Mouse house. "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" "Guardians of the Galaxy" "Thor: The Dark World," "Maleficent" with Angelina Jolie > tells the "Sleeping Beauty" story from the witch's perspective. "Tomorrowland" A Very Early Look at "Cinderella" "Muppets Most Wanted"
I'm looking forward to all of these movies. I especially can't wait to see Thor. I think Angelina is going to be awesome as Maleficent. I can't wait to see what she does with the role. @shoenami Have you seen "Once Upon a Time" the show?
@JohnLee me too! I love spin offs.. that's why I loved Shrek so much.. i love the idea of seeing something in the opposite's point of view! XD
@shoenami I actually never heard of that movie until this card! I like spin-offs like those so I guess I'll try to watch it too!
@JohnLee Me too!.. but Maleficent seems like a very interesting movie as well!.. I heard Shiloh made an appearance in the movie too!
Can't wait for Thor!