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so...... today is saddest anime scene (no so epic) but i really hope u enjoy my card today.....i took what i think is the saddest scenes that ive seen, i have 4
kaoris death in Your Lie In Apirl, yes i cryed like a baby when u saw this scene...( u did too, admit it) if u seen it that is
Eren's mom's death in Attack on Titan I mean and it's in the first episode, ( spoiler) and yea i freaking teard up....(no i cried)
light yagami's death (SO MUCH DEATH) in death note, i totally cried, like a lot
and yes L's death in death note also, my eyes were sweating SO hard, i had a workout before i watched the episode ( no i didnt)
HOPE U ENJOYED!!!!!!! leave a comment if u cryed to
L 😭
maybe. I read over it and it doesn't make sense now .-. @EmberMoll
@LostMage are u being sarcastic??😂
spoilers :) this is fine, I didn't wanna know how they died anyways