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For the next few weeks we did really good. It just meant every night we'd make love because we missed each other's touch. It was always amazing. Yoongi and I had started going back to the studio because he was working on songs for himself. He was wanting to release his own mixtape. August was going to be big for the boys. "I think it sounds great!" I had my arms around him hugging him from behind. But him in the chair was a bit difficult. "Wasn't this the beat you let me listen to on the train the 2nd time we met?" "Yea it was." He smiled "I'm glad you kept it for yourself." This was a ritual. Yoongi had worked really hard finishing the touches on his mixtape and was ready to share it with the world. Sadly the only ones I had heard completly done were Agust D and So far away. Which when he played them for me I was supper excited but cried during so far away because the message he was sending was hit right in the heart. August 16th rolled around and he released his mixtape and MV for Agust D. So many were shocked by it. No one expected it, which was what he wanted. I listened to all of the tracks. I learned new things about my guy, that I didn't know he had. I cried listening to The Last. His past wasn't great but he's better now and that's what mattered. I was smart to go into the bedroom to listen to this. He was still out in the living room with the guys. They were celebrating that he finally dropped his mixtape. I was sitting against the bed trying to stop the tears from falling. The door to the room opened and I covered my face. "Babe?" He asked walking in and shutting the door behind him. He sat down next to me and put his arm around me. "Yoongi!" I cried and turned to hug him. "What's wrong?" He said, I could hear the worry in his voice. "I'm so sorry for your past, it hurts to know how much you suffered. I wish I could have been in your life then to help." the tears kept falling. "It would have been better if I did have you then, but I'm ok now." He said kissing my head. "Are you really?" I pulled back from him to look him in the eyes. "Yes, really. It took me awhile but Im ok, although that incident in Japan when I was sick and couldn't perform, that brought some issues back but I'm good now. That was about the time we met, actually it was a little bit after." He wiped my tears away. "I'm going to say it's because you came into my life that I feel a lot better." "Why didn't you tell me?" "Because we had just met, I didn't know if we would ever see each other again. Then fate happened. But I don't usually open up to people easily." "Yoongi, you need to know now that if you ever need to talk, or feel like things are too much come to me. I will stay by your side no matter what." I pressed my lips to his. He kissed back but we pulled away. "It's good to know that after you listened to the full mixtape and you didn't want to break up." "That would be a stupid reason to leave. I love you more knowing what you've been through." He kissed me again then pulled back once again. "So you love my mixtape" He smirked "It's hot shit! I mean you have started infiresnation." I laughed "Good to know." He smiled and kissed me again. Knowing a bit more about his past makes it easier for people to understand the struggle idols go through to get where they are now. Yoongi acts strong but he isn't. At least on certain things he's not strong. He is human and has flaws like everyone else and he does worry about alot of things. In the morning we headed to Big Hit. We had gotten there early so we went into his studio. He leaned up against the desk and I stood in front of him. His hands were on my hips and mine were on his shoulders.  I leaned in and kissed his forehead. "What was that for?" He asked "Just because....I mean once you go into the meeting I can't touch you...until we get home." I smirked "Well then." He moved his hands and pulled me closer to him. "Let's make it count." He smirked and pressed his lips to mine. His tongue made its way into my mouth and I let him have control. I could feel him growing. I pulled away from the kiss and tried to get away. "You need to calm down." I laughed "We have time." He said pulling me back to him. "No we don' know how we like to worship each other's bodies. So no we do not have time." "I'm ok with a quickie this time." He was quick at unbuttoned my pants. I tried to protest but in reality I wanted him as badly as he wanted me. He was about to pull my pants down when there was a knock on the door. We quickly separated and fixed ourselves just in time before Jimin walked in. "I figured you two would be in here. We are all waiting on you." Jimin said and Yoongi and I followed him. I was going to sit out of this one but Yoongi pulled me into the room. "You didn't say if (y/n) needed to be here so I brought her since she is my personal manager." Yoongi said to pdnim. He nodded and then started the meeting. It was just a quick check up to see where they were at on there new stuff. Although he knew most of what was going on most of the group had a part in making the songs. After the meeting we all went to eat. A little break before they went back to working on there music, and practicing. They did still have a few things to do till the end of the month that was keeping them busy. When we got back to big hit the boys went to the practice room while I was told Pdnim needed to see me. I walked in the room and got a bad feeling by the look on his face. "(y/n) what was one of the rules when I hired you?" "There were several." "The main one I pointed out about relationships?" He asked "No relationships." "You have broken that rule. I want to know how long have you and Yoongi been together?" "What?" "Someone saw you two this morning in his studio. He just saw you two kissing, he didn't know it was you until you walked out of the room with Yoongi. So please be honest." He was being calm but he was clearly upset with me. "A few months." "So you were the girl at the pool and the charity event?" "Yes." I said looking down at my feet. "You now have a choice. I'm being nice here only because you did a good job on keeping Yoongi and the others focused but things need to change now." "What are you saying?" I looked at him. "You need to choose. Between Yoongi and your job."
With these lovely pictures I only am posting a few but man I love them all I might post these twice....or more lol... So what do you think is going to happen what do you choose Yoongi or your job???? I already have half of the next chapter written so hopefully tomorrow it'll be posted.
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Hmm...I can get another job....
Ohhhh snap!!!!!! Yoongi!!!
Yoongi all the way. i would never leave him. I can find some other job
oh man, holy shit! what a twist! of course you would stay with yoongi so sad to have to quit but oh well! 😭😍😭😍💕
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