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Hello and what's up guys as you probably wondering "KWON BUT ITS NOT TUESDAY!!" But fam is there ever not a time to talk about T.O.P....just think about it lol but yeah I actually missed out on T.O.P Tuesday yesterday because it was my Mommas birthday Yay~~~ But today I'm back and here to bring you...


but there's so many things to love about T.O.P ~~

not only is he funny ~~

Handsome ~~

and have an eye for "Fine Art"

He has a love for his members that's just impossible to ignore ❤❤

He has just such great character

and I wouldn't have him any other way

but maybe @lovetop would....

(freaky freaky hell give me some give give some yea.......What just singing a little music...)

but that's none of my buisness *sips tea* ☕


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Yes I do.... give me give me... not "some" ...but all!!!!!😍😍😍😍