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Vote For YiJeong as Best Maknae!

There is a new poll that has started two days ago and YIJEONG IS ON IT!!!! Yay!!!
There's only 5 days to vote (most likely from the date it was posted) and you can vote as much as you'd like!
He's already in 5th place but that all could change! So let's VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!! Share it as much as you can with other also and hope he makes top 10!!
(random edit my me~)
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awww well he made 4th place! that's something.
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What Is Black Powder
Black powder is a low explosive substance made of charcoal, sulfur, and potassium nitrate (saltpeter). It is employed in some ammunition and muzzleloaders in addition to being a propellant in fireworks and pyrotechnics. In general, purchasing black powder necessitates a federal explosives license or authorization under the federal explosives laws at 27 CFR, Part 555. However, black powder is excluded from these laws according to 27 CFR Part 555.141(b): -That is commercially manufactured. -In quantities not exceeding 50 pounds. -Is intended to be used solely for the sporting, recreational or cultural purposes in antique firearms or antique devices. For the above-mentioned uses in antique firearms or antique devices, commercially made black powder may be purchased and used in quantities not to exceed 50 pounds without the need for a federal explosives license or permit. If a person produces black powder for their own individual, non-commercial use and it is not a "commercial" product within the meaning of the exemption, they do not need a manufacturer's license. However, the black powder created must be handled in accordance with the relevant legislation. Additionally, anyone planning to carry any black powder that does not fit the aforementioned criteria for exemption or who plans to purchase any amount of black powder for any other reason, such as for use in fireworks or pyrotechnics, is required to get a federal explosives license or permit. Additionally, these people are required to keep the black powder in an explosives magazine that complies with Part 555 standards. People that manufacture, import, or deal in any volume of black powder are not covered by the exemption. Therefore, these individuals are required to acquire a federal explosives license, store the black powder in line with rules, and keep track of their purchases and disposals. Recall that black powder that does not satisfy the requirements for exemption in 27 CFR 555.141(b) is considered a low explosive under 27 CFR 555.202 and may be kept in type 1, type 2, or type 4 magazines, as well as in type 3 magazines for temporary attended storage. Explosive items must be moved to type 1, type 2, or type 4 magazines for unattended storage rather than being left in type 3 magazines (day boxes). No dwelling or residence shall be used as an explosives magazine, and no building shall be used to store more than fifty pounds of explosives. Security Awareness Retail staff members who sell black powder should be aware that these components could be utilized in bombs. Black powder dealers are strongly encouraged to build ties with their local law enforcement agencies by the ATF, FBI, and DHS. We advise that industry participants include reporting suspicious activity and being aware of it in official employee training programs. Visit to view the ATF's open letter.
Female Artist Barbara Hepworth
Birth Barbara Hepworth was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire in 1903. Barbara Hepworth was a British sculptor. Barbara studied her primary education with a famous artist Henry Moore. After her primary education she continued the study of sculpture at the Royal College of Art in London. Barbara Hepworth artwork has gained name & fame and is in demand today. Marriage and children In 1925 Barbara married John Skeaping. John was her first husband and their married life did not last for more than 6 years. 1931 was the last year they lived together. Later in 1932 Barbara started working with a painter Ben Nicholson, she started living with him. They travelled together whole Europe, during this period Hepworth met Georges Braque and visited the studios of Picasso. Here she met many renowned artists and sculptors. There was a lot of knowledge sharing also she gained respect of these well-known artists. The school of Paris had a long lasting impact on Hepworth and her partner painter Ben Nicholson since they both were prominent personalities in an international network of abstract artists. By this time both had gained momentum in the world of sculpture and other artwork. Barbara Hepworth Sculpture for sale was in demand at that time and is also in demand today. It’s 1939 and Hepworth had multiple marriages also had a son from her first marriage. Hepworth and Nicholson moved to St Ives. This seaside home remained her home for life time. She was not even aware that this would be her home for life time thereafter. This was the place where younger emerging British artists like Peter Lanyon, Roger Hilton were born and brought up. Her Legacy Barbara Hepworth’s name is still remembered with the history and culture of St Ives. Her Studio and Sculpture Garden at St Ives is a remarkable destination. In the course of her life, she was additionally a significant worldwide figure, showing her work in displays all throughout the world. As a lady in a generally male-ruled workmanship world, Hepworth played a functioning job in the manner in which her work was introduced. She was specific about the documentation of her works and teamed up intimately with others. She set up creative approaches to push the limits of her strategy and topical examinations and supported a profession that saw her mount a review at Kröller-Müller Museum in 1965, address Britain at the Venice Biennale in 1950, and won first prize at the São Paulo Bienal in 1959. Her Important Works Which Will Be Always Remembered Some of the vital artworks which will remain evergreen are Mother and Child 1934, Pelagos 1946, Squares with Two Circles 1963 and Fenestration of the Ear (The Hammer) 1948 This drawing of Fenestration of the Ear boosted Hepworth’s identity in the society. Barbara Hepworth drawings for sale are available online today. However she additionally worked in different mediums – and was exceptionally keen on archiving her own work through photography. The scene around St Ives turned out to be almost her works were introduced in the media; St Ives Bay, Godrevy Lighthouse, and The Island all become compositional devices for those reporting her works, making an extra exchange between the structures and their environmental factors. From 1947–1949, during a disease her little girl endured, Hepworth created a progression of drawings and canvases dependent on her time noticing specialists and specialists at St Mary's emergency clinic in Exeter. Find Barbara Hepworth prints for sale online on sites like Bidsquare. She had at no other time worked at the amazing scale required, and in an exertion maybe to make the structure more recognizable to her she outlined it first, in genuine size, on the chequerboard floor of one of her studios, a previous ballroom in St Ives. Hepworth was infrequently a willing speechmaker, liking to allow her specialty to do her talking for her, however on the event of the disclosing of her figure in 1961 she was needed to say a couple of words. Having survived two universal conflicts, the United Nations was representative of her long lasting confidence in the chance of higher standards, in view of worldwide participation. As a lady of the left, a portion of that hopefulness had been harmed by the occasions in Hungary in 1956; by 1961 the UN looked a ton to her like the last best expectation. "The United Nations is our still, small voice," she said, "in the event that it succeeds it is our prosperity. In the event that it bombs it is our disappointment. All through my work on the Single Form I have remembered Dag Hammarskjöld's thoughts of human and tasteful belief system and I have attempted to consummate an image that would mirror the respectability of his life, and simultaneously give us a rationale and image of both progression and fortitude for the future… "
Joshua Kodner Auctioneers Gemologists Appraisers
Joshua Kodner is an examination and closeout shop situated in Dania Beach, Florida. Having some expertise in novel craftsmanship properties, pearls, gems, and collectibles, everything is cautiously curated dependent on its one-of-a-kind quality and by and large worth. There are exceptionally enormous display barters, giving numerous helpful approaches to take part from anyplace outside of Dania Beach. Basically, leave a truant bid with the exhibition, call Joshua Kodner’s agents during the closeout to put a bid, or simply take part in one of our few web-based offering stages. The Kodner family has offered a practice of greatness in the realm of diamonds, collectibles, and sales since first entering the business during the 1940s. Presently in the fourth era, Joshua Kodner is advancing his family's inheritance with his brilliant accreditations, master information, and scrupulousness. With information and aptitude in various forte regions, Joshua is a fourth-age gemologist, affirmed appraiser, and authorized barker. Our staff is comprised of guaranteed gemologists and appraisers, who have made this shop sales management firm wake up with a trace of New York style. Neon Paraiba Tourmaline The striking shade of Paraiba stones separates them. Their shading comes from a lot of manganese and copper, which together go about as a shading specialist. The accessible neon blue paraiba tourmaline (guaranteed by AGL and Gubelin Lab) weighs 4.86 carats. Jewels encompass the diamond on the platinum ring. Kodner auctions have a huge range of such other auctions. A work of art from Pakistani-American craftsman Jamali is on offer also. His Expressionist artistic creations give the watcher a feeling of magic. Jamali frequently layers beautiful shades on material and plug. The accessible piece portrays a lady from the side. She looks up while getting one arm over her body. Albert Huie and Vangelis Renas likewise have craftsmanships addressed in the bartering list. Pictures of Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando by DeVon are significant too. Winter Wonderland Sale The canvas includes a huge scope blanketed white iris outlined against a green foundation. Nesbitt, an observed American craftsman, was related to the Photorealist and Pop Art developments. While he painted various subjects, from Manhattan scaffolds and studio insides to vegetables and pieces of clothing, it was his gigantic pictures of blossoms that acquired the craftsman ubiquity. In 1980, the United States Postal Service gave four stamps of his blossom canvases. Dispatched in 1998, Tiffany Victoria was propelled by Tiffany's precious stone focal point from the 1889 Exposition Universelle, held in Paris. Customarily, the style highlights marquise jewels set in a botanical example. A Tiffany and Co. Tsarina accessory with the Victoria bloom themes is a main part in the live occasion. The accessory provisions the blossoms set between columns of round, splendid cut jewels and emeralds in a yellow gold setting. Decorative Art David Burliuk was a Russian Futurism painter from Ukraine, most popular for his impact on Modernism toward the beginning of the twentieth century. He was globally known as the "Father of Futurism." Burliuk's work frequently showed his interest in the plans of Scythian culture and Ukrainian legends. Another top part of the sale is a three-piece Togo couch by Ligne Roset. Antoine Roset and his child Emile originally established the organization in 1860 as an independent venture in Montagnier, France. From its foundation to date, Ligne Roset has been known for its reasonable plans and top caliber. The included Togo couch was dispatched in 1973. An Eames relax seat by Herman Miller, a few classical expressions, theoretical artistic creations, and adornments pieces will be highlighted too. One can see the auctions this week by visiting the auction calendar page of auctiondaily. Media Source: AuctionDaily
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