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Waifu Wednesday is back again! I don't recall there being a theme today so I just decided to go ahead and pick a girl from my many waifus, and I've chosen the beautiful time traveler from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Asahina Mikuru!!!!
She's a time traveler who came from the future to observe Haruhi Suzumiya. She is the fourth member to join Haruhis S.O.S. Brigade and along with Kyon she was pretty much forced to join the club because every club needs a moe looking character. She's also the eye candy to draw attention to the club and Haruhi Suzumiyas personal cosplay model/toy!
She's always being taken advantage of by Haruhi Suzumiya to frame others to get her way or just forced to wear ridiculously sexy outfits such as a nurse, bunny, maids and even as Santa! She's absolutely gorgeous her and her future adult self!! She is the "plot" of this story even thought it a ready has a good story line, you can never have to much Plot!!!!
Also to @hikaymm for a few ideas for themes how about, Sensei theme, and Senpai theme, maybe even a loli theme just for me! Well there is that! She my Waifu for this week! tagging some of the WW crew down below! @hikaymm @blackoutzj @InVinsybll @slimbrown13 @majahnnelson @PASCUASIO @AshChrimson @aidangiannattas @tylor619cruz @voidx @janxsalas @jessicaferrier @SAMURXAI @otakudemon10 @kawaiiporpoise @kurosakijess @marcuscollins @asuramina @biancadanica98 @officialYadiel @jeremimzy17
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Good ideas for themes!!! I'll announce some more themes by next week. I totally forgot it was Wednesday today @>@
@hikaymm you know me, I never forget about my waifus!