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I was re-looking at @XxFallingStar 's post about which world would you rather live in, and at first I chose Titans because they're much bigger, and I'm assuming there are more zombies than Titans because the zombies spawn whenever a human is bit or scratched so...💀 Anyways, then the spring/summer anime Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress) came out... then everything went DOWNHILL.


Ok so I totally messed up my own card, I had started on it at home but finished it away from home while I was doing something else and completely rushed this card without thinking so... The point of this card, while I would still totally choose Titans over zombies, this anime has provided the world with a Titan-zombie combo that scared the living shit out of me. I told my friends (before the anime came out), "what would happen if we lived in a world with Titan-zombie like creatures. We'd all be screwed right?" And then they make THIS ANIME TO COMPLETE MY NIGHTMARES! So sorry for the confusion! But go ahead and comment if you'd rather live in a world with Titans or zombies anyways! Or if you'd wanna live with Titan-zombie like creatures then, BY ALL MEANS!!!
Here are some wonderful pictures of our friendly neighbors next door😅 Here's some info on what they are: The Kabane (カバネ, lit. corpse) are zombie-like humanoids that for the last twenty years have roamed Hinomoto and the rest of the world. They are extremely aggressive but seem to conserve some form of human wit, able to recognize threats, targets, and form basic strategies towards their goals.

Info on Physiology:

Kabane maintain their general human shapes upon transformation, though that seems to be the extent of what remains. Their skin darkens to a cold gray, their veins seem to glow molten yellow, and their eyes blacken to the point where only their pupils gain a menacing red glow. It is unknown if the change in coloration of the blood vessels is simply a mutation, or if they actually carry molten iron in their veins, as their heart radiates a bright molten color and is surrounded by a hardened iron cage that is resistant to conventional steam weapons. Their skin seems to be extremely tough, as they produce sharp sparks whenever pierced with another object, typically in blue coloration. They lack any sort of fear of death, as they will not shy from flames, gunfire, and even Hayajiro. They have maintained some form of human intelligence, however, as they have shown to be capable of basic ambushing, utilizing simple weapons and even hijacking the Fusōjō in order to breach Aragane's west gate. Whether this is a remnant of their human selves or just instinct is undetermined. The exact strength of a Kabane is hard to measure; with their bites, they are easily capable of tearing human flesh by the chunk, single-handedly swinging and hoisting up male adults, holding on to speeding Hayajiro without a problem, damaging and sometimes tearing away steel doors, and even damaging extremely thick steel plating with nothing but running headfirst into it - however, they have been seen to be physically resisted and pushed aside by normal humans, and the force from bullets seems to be able to knock them back. A fair assessment could be that they lack the fine motor skills to gauge their own force and restraint at different times, as Ikoma has noted that he doesn't know his own strength soon after becoming a Kabaneri. They are also extremely quick on their feet, and being able to jump enormous distances through the air.

Types of Kabane:

Normal: Regular Kabane that fight with their hands and teeth in a chaotic fashion. Akin more to animals they lash out at their prey and usually try to overpower them or jump at them from behind. Wazatori: Kabane that are recongnized by being of larger stature. They seem to also have some "growth" mutation that looks like a "tumor" but right now is open to speculation for what it is (It could be anything from a new bone structure developping to just a side effect from the virus). They fight with weapons that are used by humans. This seems to be either be from their past life experiences or merely through observation of humans and surviving multiple encounters with them Fused Colony: (aka Black Smoke) A large Humanoid-shape shadow that consist of inter-connected kabane. It has two large eyes, the same color as a kabane heart. Its distinctive feature is it's large blue heart which contains the controlling kabane. One must kill the controlling kabane in order ot defeat it. Kabaneri: Kabaneri are neither fully human nor Kabane, but rather individuals with Kabane bodies who have managed to save their minds from entering a Kabane-state. Kabaneri's get thirsty eventually and must drink blood from a human. Not doing so will hinder them weakly and sometimes lose control and suck blood from any nearby humans.

And that's what you missed on glee👍🏻

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zombies because I'd rather not be eaten by giant cannibal and honestly titans are a hundred times worse than zombies with zombies at least I have a chance to live
@BiasKpop @raikage00 interesting point. But wouldn't you rather like to die in an instant kill by a Titan than have a slow-painful death by zombies?
@janessaakemi interesting I never thought of it like that but on an off chance you don't die then what would be easier to kill
fast zombies? I'll go with the Titan. slow zombies? I can deal with that
@BiasKpop I think I'd still rather have zombies because then at least I think I'd have a better chance at hiding. With zombies, they can break into houses or underground shelters. Of course Titans could always stomp on them, but I still feel less terrified of Titans than zombies