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Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: College AU/ Angst and Smut.... everything I guess Chapter 2 Story: Break ups are hard so how do you chose to get over yours.... enter into a contract to be another man's pretend fiance for six months to impress his parents.....This outta be good.

Warning!!!!! [The following chapter contains a gigantic smut scene read with caution.]

Y/N's POV You couldn't place what caused you to break down first. Perhaps it was that Jackson had shown up at the jewelers and you just needed something to take your mind off of him. Or maybe it was the conversation you had with mother after Jackson supposedly texted her that he saw you there with another man. The whole situation of playing pretend fiance was starting to make you feel like it wasn't just a bad idea it was the worst idea in the history of ideas. It hadn't even been a day since you agreed to the damn deal. You had to call Chanyeol and apologize for not living up to your promise to bring drinks over for him after you got home. Junmyeon wanted you to meet him at the jewelers to get you a ring appropriate for his parents benefit. You knew how to work around parents well, except your own. Most of your family time was spent being used by them or arguing with them. The only good thing they ever did was give you that little beach house to supply your 'hobby' as the liked to call it. They wanted you to have a business degree and marry a rich man, all that was just bullshit. If they ever gave a damn about you it was for a short two minutes after you were born. They were strict, they were always putting you in events you didn't care about, they wanted you to act like a lady. They wanted you well educated. Now normally that wouldn't sound like a bad thing, it sounds like parents wanting the best for their child. Nope, not for your parents. They spent their time competing with their other friends making sure you were better than their children in every way. It didn't help that you were a quick study either. You had done as they asked and behaved well and put one hundred percent effort into everything because you had to and in turn everyone hated you. It's not like you were a bitch, you didn't even act like you were the best they just hated that you had the talent to adjust to anything. You had a photographic memory everything got stuck in your head. Unfortunately, that meant it was harder to get somethings out of it. Like Junmyeon and Jongin's competition to make their girls scream the loudest which prompted your break up in the first place. You could feel it just after that call, the irritation building up. So when Junmyeon made it clear that his offer was for real, you found the perfect distraction to kick those old memories out of your mind. Not just of Jongin but of Jackson and your parents. Junmyeon kept his body pressed to yours as you walked up the stairs to your apartment. He rubbed your arms still keeping you close as you unlocked the door and got it open but once you walked in, his gentleness disappeared. He kicked the door closed and tugged at your shirt and pulled it over your head, trapping your arms within the fabric. Immediately, your heart began to race, he pressed you up against the wall and you shivered at the coolness that greeted your bare back. His hand held your chin while the other one made sure your arms remained trapped in your shirt. His eyes slowly took in the sight of your exposed top half. Observing your soft belly but as you tensed up a little your abs began to get defined. His forefinger traced your jawline before running down your neck and between your clothed breast. He made his way to your belly button, his finger circling around the outside slowly, making your breath hitch in your throat. He was just teasing you right now, you liked it but your body was begging for more. You were getting wet and you wanted him to do something soon. Your arms jerked to get free and his eyes shot up at you, "No baby girl, I'll let you free when I'm ready." he said. You clenched your teeth, you were ready for him now. His tongue made a wet trail from the top of your belly button all the way up running over your bra and between your chest. He kissed your neck slowly and sensually, you could hear the sound of his wet kisses and it drove you crazy. Your arms wiggled to get free again. He kissed up your neck till he was next to your earlobe. His tongue swiping it playfully causing your body to jerk forward and your chest pressed against his. He nibbled at it a little and he moved his free hand down to your pants. He unbuttoned them with one hand and let his fingers slip past your panties feeling your wetness. "Well well well baby girl. You want me so bad don't you? I've barely done anything to you and you're soaking wet. I like that." he said lowly. "Junmyeon stop teasing me it's not nice." you said. "Oh baby girl, I never promised to be nice to you. I promised to make you scream." he said seductively. You closed your eyes biting your lip not being able to handle much of anything else. "Don't worry baby girl, daddy Junmyeon will make you feel good soon. Where's your bedroom?" he said. He pulled away from you letting your hands fall freely from your shirt now. You two had been in the hall way the whole time and he'd already made you like this. Normally you'd hang onto the shirt to throw it in the clothes hamper but you threw it on the ground and walked him to your bedroom. He kept the door open and pushed you down on the bed. He worked quickly getting your pants off and pulling your underwear down with them. He was kneeling before the bed inbetween your parted legs, the thin line of your wetness finally breaking your connection to your underwear. He pulled your legs apart putting you on full display. His tongue swiped between your folds gathering up the stickiness that had formed below. You had bit down on your forefinger keeping yourself silent. Jongin hated that, he wanted to get you to moan his name and make sweet noises but somehow you'd lose focus and even when you were feeling amazing, sounds rarely came out. Junmyeon seemed to be the same way. "Baby girl look at me. Watch me eat you out." he said. Your face probably turned red, hearing him say that to you was too much. He reached up to grab the hand that you weren't biting on and locked his fingers with yours. He held your hand while he licked your sensitive clit and fingered you at the same time. His fore finger went in and out of you twisting and curling when it reached deep inside of you sending surges of pleasure through your body. Your back would arch up when he sucked on your clit, you could hear the popping sound it made when he pulled away harshly. You let out a tiny squeak here and there but you weren't moaning like he wanted. He inserted another finger and moved faster in and out of you while his tongue worked quickly as well. You shook your head releasing your hand from your mouth and gripping his hair, "Junmyeon I'm gonna cum." you said. Your eyes were squeezed shut but he stopped just when you were about to reach the peak. You looked at him surprised and breathing heavily. He tilted his head looking at you with dark eyes. "Usually girls I do that to are begging for more, or crying out my name. Sometimes they even tell me what they what me to do but you've barely made a sound. Were you like this with Jongin?" he asked. Why would he care if you were like that with Jongin? You took in a shaky breath before nodding to answer him. He looked at you and gave you a smirk. "I thought Jongin would at least know how to make you moan his name. I bet that voice of yours gets sexier and sexier the closer you get to your climax. I wanna make you cum so bad baby girl, like it's the first time. Make some noise for me baby girl, let out that sexy voice or else everytime you get close I'll stop. I won't let you cum if I don't hear you." he said. He stood up and hovered over you his fingers slowly gathered more of your stickiness. He licked his lips as he watched you inhale at his slow movements. He brought his fingers up to show you what he had done to you as if you didn't already know. He smiled at you, staring into your eyes, then his eyes shifted to your lips that were now parted to bring in air. He pushed his fingers passed your lips making you taste yourself. He pulled them back for a second to paint your lips with it then pushed them back in. He asked you to suck them clean and you kind of unconsciously did as he asked. You tried to keep your self steady but you could feel yourself fading into that blank space you always did. It was like there were two versions of you during sex the one that could still react to all the pleasure you were receiving and the other half was busy diving deep into your mind and pick at your brain trying to figure out what made you tick or looking for the answers of the universe. "Baby girl, I'd like to hear that beautiful voice of yours. Can you moan for me?" He said. He had at some point taken his fingers back so he could take off his shirt and pants, he was completely naked and he was rubbing himself for a little extra sensation. He aligned himself with your entrance only tease you like he'd enter you. He let the head poke in and out like a person would dip their toe in the pool to test the waters. It was driving you nuts though. Your hands reached up for him and he happily came down to you. He kissed you, his lips giving you a high you never thought you could have. He rubbed himself up against your clit making your mouth open, and your vision get hazy. You were craving him and he was moving slow. He did all of this on purpose just to get you to moan. Who knew what he'd do to make you scream his name? "Come on baby girl you won't let me hear that pretty voice of yours? I want to hear you, call for me baby." he said. Your hand was wrapped around his neck while his forehead was pressed against yours. You could hear his shallow breathing. You didn't know how much stamina he had but you figured even though he was slightly panting now he could still hold out longer. You however, could not. "Call for me sexy. Let me hear you baby girl I'll let you come around me. You can feel me push inside you, I'll fuck you so good you'll be squeezing me so tight baby girl. Just call for me baby, I bet you feel amazing, you'll love me to. I'm really good just say my name, moan for me, call for me baby I'll give you whatever you want." "Junmyeon." you whimpered helpless. Your voice made you sound desperate and you were. You were panting heavily, his slow movements stimulating your swollen clit and his dirty words reaching your core were making you insane. You wanted to cry, you would've chanted his name like a magic spell if that meant he'd come inside you. Junmyeon stopped moving and looked into your eyes, his hand caressed your cheek. He was being gentle to you for some reason. Junmyeon was not known for being a gentle lover. He was smiling at you and he kissed you, fixing himself so he could get inside you. His lips didn't break contact with yours: sucking them, biting them, all the while he continued to move inside you slowly. He pulled away for a second, his eyes even darker with lust. "Call me daddy, baby girl. I bet you'd sound sexy saying that." he said. He bucked his hips into you harder out of no where and you gasped. "That seemed to turn you on baby girl, you're squeezing me tighter. Say it." he said. "Okay- daddy." you said nervous and low. He smiled bigger at you, "Do you want me to fuck you harder?" he asked. You nodded yes, your arm laying on top of your head, you felt light headed. You just wanted him to bring you to your climax so bad. "I can't hear you baby girl speak up. I asked you if you wanted me to fuck you harder." he said. "Yes." you said lowly. "Yes what baby girl?" "Yes daddy Junmyeon fuck me harder." you said embarrassed. He kind of chuckled a bit immediately, he began pumping into you faster. He did get you to scream too. He hit the right spot and you had never felt that amazing before. "Junmyeon!" you said loudly and surprised. It wasn't nearly as loud as the girl he had that day might have been but your voice still left the room in an echo. He kissed you hard still fucking you deep. "Yes baby girl I knew that voice of yours was sexy. I want more Y/N keep calling for me. Beg for me to make you come." he said into your ear. "Don't stop, please." you said almost breathless. "More baby girl." he responded. "Let me hear you call me that again. You sound so good saying it." he said. He told you to beg but he seemed like the one doing the most begging. "Please daddy Junnie don't stop. Fuck me harder." "God you're amazing Y/N. You're so tight. I love it." "Junmyeon- I'm gonna-" "Go a head baby girl you earned it. Call me that cute name when you come, sexy." He was moaning through gritted teeth and only a few pumps later you found yourself going over the edge. "Junnie!" you moaned out loud. You could feel him release inside of you just a split second after you called his name. That alone had been enough to make him lose himself. Good thing you were on the pill. He rode down his high, pumping in and out of you slowly until he was ready to stop. He laid on top of you, your bra was still on, his chest was pressed against yours. "No fucking wonder Jongin was always trying to find something new you wouldn't say his name baby girl. If you want a man to feel good too you need to let him hear you. A sexy voice like yours could drive any man crazy." he said. He was still inside you, he sat up to look down at you. You were looking at him worn out. Your hair a mess and sticking to your face because of the sweat. He smiled at you all fucked out almost like he was triumphant in his job of pleasing you. Maybe it just boosted his ego, this was probably the first time you had sex where you hadn't fazed out. Junmyeon was making you participate; he was asking you to do stuff so you had to pay attention. Him fucking you didn't just go by in a quick blur and him taking his time to torture and tease you kept you present as well. You felt his fingers reach for your clit. It was still sensitive from your recent orgasm so you grabbed his hand quickly whimpering a 'no'. Junmyeon thrusted into you making you release a moan. "I wonder how well that mouth works. Would you go down on me baby girl?" he asked. You looked at him for a second not sure if he was joking or serious. He was completly serious so you sat up and he moved, pulling himself out of you and siting on the edge of the bed. You got down on your knees in front of him and took him in your hand. He was bigger than Jongin too that may have also been the reason why he got you to let out your voice. His hand raked through your hair, "If you don't want to you don't have to sexy." "It's okay." you said sounding more like your normal self. "Alright then but look at me while you do it." he said. He must've gotten turned on by eye contact too. As your tongue flicked back and forth for a quick second across the slit of his head you could feel him getting harder again. You didn't realize guys could get hard that quick, only moments after coming the first time. He had your mouth working till he came again this time pushing your head up so that he'd release onto your body rather than in your mouth. "A pretty mouth like that shouldn't have such dirty things in it. You're really cute Y/N." he said to you. He bent over grabbing your chin and pulling you into a deep kiss. When his tongue finished wrestling with yours, he stood up to retrieve his clothes. You did the same, "Next time I want to taste those beautiful breast of yours." he said. "Junmyeon stop saying nasty things." you said, your hands to your hips. He chuckled at your annoyed manner, "The real Y/N is back already. I like the other one that screamed my name and called me daddy. The one that begged me to keep fucking her harder and harder." You put your hands to your ears singing La la la. He came over grabbing your hands and pulling them away. He kissed you quickly then came to you ear. "I know you like it when I call you baby girl. You're pretty sexy girly especially when your fucked out like that. Jongin's never once heard your voice like that has he?" he asked. You shook your head. "That makes me kind of happy, I'm the first one that made you scream. I'm looking forward to having you again baby girl. I'll see you at Uni tomorrow." That was the last thing he said before he walked out of your apartment. You laid back on your bed exhausted. The next two weeks flew by and Junmyeon had told you that his parents were deciding to drop by early. He asked if he could stay at your place to make it look like you two were living together since he couldn't find a separate place in time. You let him stay but he stayed in the guest room unless he decided to initiate some physical contact. He had tried harder and harder to get you to scream his name again but you had gone back in a shell. Once or twice you had given him what he wanted but nothing more. He heard soft moans come from you even when he was thrusting hard in you, he thought he'd get a response. He kept asking if he did something wrong. Jongin did the same thing. There was nothing wrong with Junmyeon or even Jongin for that matter. It was you. Two days ago you and Junmyeon had run into Jackson again and you went through a fight with your father on the phone. You swore those people drove you insane. Jackson was looking for perfect moments to catch you so he could talk to you alone but Junmyeon was always hanging around closely. The last thing you wanted to do was be alone with him. It was the day of Junmyeon's parents arrival and he had gone to pick them up at the airport. He told you he'd drop them off at their hotel room first. It would take them about an hour to get situated based off of his estimation. They were all about making sure they looked and smelled good at all times. Flying in on a commercial airplane even if it was first class was shower worthy to them. They sounded positively pompous but you knew another set of parents just like that. You were starting to get nervous about whether or not you could pull this off. You had cleaned up the place, most of it being Junmyeon's mess which you screamed at him to pick up but he didn't listen to you, when there came a knock on the door. You looked at the door confused then at your phone. Junmyeon said he'd text you when they were heading over but you didn't get a text. Maybe it was Chanyeol. You were wearing a skin tight black dress with a pink koi fish at the bottom and lotus flowers surrounding it. You were uncomfortable to say the least, you'd never worn something this close to your body before; everything you wore was usually a little bit baggy, it gave some room to breathe. You headed to the door expecting to see Chanyeol behind it but instead it was the last man on earth you wanted to see. "Jackson." you said. "Wow babe did you wear that just for me, you shouldn't have." he said with a grin. You looked at him with a cold face, no one was around to see the fake charade he'd put on at the jewelers and you weren't in the mood to deal with the real Jackson. He made you more uncomfortable than the damn dress. He tried to step in but you quickly pushed the door in his way. "What the hell do you want?" you snapped. "Is that anyway to talk to your fiance princess?" he said. Ugh, that pet name made you sick to your stomach. "We need to talk. I don't really like it when people play with my toys but I like it even less that your little friend Junmyeon asked you to marry him and you stupidly said yes." "I'm not one of your toys Jackson. How did you find this address anyway?" you said upset. "My kind of money gets me anything I need. How many men have you seen behind my back princess? Have they all fucked you." "Watch your mouth you're at my house. It doesn't matter how many I've seen you don't get a say in it." "Don't I? You were promised to me, that makes you mine. You belong to me and when you let another man fuck you it's very disrespectful and it very much pisses me off but somehow that's not worse than you accepting a proposal from a spoiled brat." he said pissed. "You're one to talk." "Watch your mouth babe." "Or what Jackson? You'll hit me again? Force me down again, make me scream for you until I'm crying so hard it hurts to breathe?" You listed off all the things he had done to you in the past. Yet still your parents had you bound to him. You later stuck a deal with them that if you could go to college any where you wanted doing what ever you want to do along side your business degree you'd marry Jackson. When you graduated, you would be his. You were already promised to him but you found a way to buy some time while you figured out how to get out of their little deal. His family and your family wanted to merge assets but family businesses were bound to family members only. Jackson was an only child on their side and you were an only child on your side so your parents promised you two to each other. Jackson had claimed you as his but you never had a chance to say no and even if you did you'd lose your benefits. Your parents wouldn't pay for your college if you refused and at the time you didn't have a job yet or any other place to stay, your only option was to do as they asked. That's what started your other half of hell. He threatened you, hit you and forced you to sleep with him. He was most famously known for making you scream his name while he fucked you. He took your virginity and far too roughly, his one act of kindness to you was to hold you until you stopped crying. He rocked you back and forth and kissed you goodnight. You thought he wasn't really a bad guy but he was a damn good actor. He wasn't innocent at all. All it ever was, was a quick fuck to satisfy his needs and with no regard to how much he was hurting you. He hit you when you refused him. He disgusted you but letting Junmyeon or anyone for that matter know that you were promised to him would allowed them to dig into your past. The deeper you went back the more the pain returned. You got lucky falling in love with Jongin but he had betrayed you, admittedly you didn't let him in enough despite loving him you, didn't trust him enough. Him cheating on you only made things worse. "You really piss me off you know that." he said. "Trust me you're not on my Christmas list either Jackie. What the hell are you doing here Jackson." "To remind you of our deal, you're not going to be marrying that guy. You may have struck a deal with your parents but you're still mine. I can't believe you just went off the grid like that. You even blocked me from your number." "Apparently you didn't get the point." you said crossing your arms. "I think it's cute the way you resist me but it's also becoming increasingly annoying. I did not agree to this little deal of yours. You were supposed to be my wife two years ago yet you're fucking around with another man." "You almost sound hurt Jackson, my heart would ache for you if I had one." "Cute. Unblock my number babe or I promise you my next visit won't be so pleasant." he smiled before he turned around to walk away. That smile sent a chill down your spine. You clearly hadn't gone far enough. You parents had your number but they didn't have your address. They rarely knew when you went to the beach house. That was your hide out. Jackson was threatening you again and from the tone in his voice he was determined to get his hands on you to taste you again. Maybe even to erase Junmyeon from your body. You were caught between two contracts one that was on hold and one that had you dedicated for six months. You thought about the money Junmyeon agreed to pay you. You already had a separate account with money saved up. You used part of it to run away the first time. You were sure Jackson told your parents where you were. All you could really do was wait patiently and maybe fake your own death just to get away again. Plastic surgery might help you hide better. You made a face at that thought, God you weren't that desperate. Jackson would keep to his word though. No one but you saw past that cute puppy smile but you knew Cerberus was behind there just waiting to eat you alive and send you to worst depths of hell. Your phone buzzed and there was a text from Junmyeon: Junmyeon: I'll be there soon baby girl. We should sleep together to night I wanna hear your voice again. Poor Junmyeon he hadn't realized it because he didn't know about Jackson. You held your voice back for a reason, you fazed out during sex to cope with the memories that came with it. You liked having g sex actually, you liked sleeping with Jongin when you two were together, you liked sleeping with Junmyeon. Hell you even liked the one time you and Chanyeol hooked up but releasing any sound to give satisfaction to the man doing you only reminded you of who you had to do that for. Jackson liked your voice, he liked it even more when you were screaming his name. You swore he purposely hurt you so he could comfort you to make you remember who you were promised to. To make it clear he controlled you, he owned you and that was why he made you feel uncomfortable and unsafe. You sighed and leaned up against the wall. Two contracts made and you had to make one with the devil....
gosh damn it Jackson. y. i hope i open up to Junmyeon.
Wow Jackson is one evil son of a &$%#@! Poor thing is traumatized! This contract thing isn't helping much either, being caught between son of satin and mr call me daddy! Oh boy!*smh* Ohhh on a side note...Its like 85° here right now and the hot lil smut scene raised the temp. in here to pretty damn HOT! lol 😉😆
Well this explains alot!!!!! Damn Jackson, why you gotta be so rude???????? Poor Jumnyoum!!!! Oddly, I kinda feel bad for him with this situation. I know the tea is gonna be spilt soon and I can't wait!!!!!
Though this sounds terrible, I think she belongs with Junmyeon. The easiest way to convince both sets of parents that they are engaged is to get pregnant.
I kinda hate how addicted I am to your stories and how legit they are... go in time out.. hm.. she is so messed over and surviving. how dare she make sense hm... And Jackson can't wait to really get in that head... so messed up, so possessive... all these rich kids... the Chanyeol relationship is kinda crazy yet to me understandable. gosh... gr you and your work of art.. wonder what this first parent visit gon like. wonder if Jackson will follow up on his threat.. will she unblock his number. I pout that he found her and doesn't see he's torturing her so much. what if she appeases him and let's him know that this is just a fake engagement? will he leave her alone or ruining everything? what if he's sources find out? maybe since it seems so real no one can tell the difference? will Chanyeol question it? will Kai? will he ruin it?
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