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I hate when a whole fandom is blamed for a tag started by people who aren't even fans and made popular by people who disagree. Honestly there's going to be a few "bad seeds" in every fandom, don't acknowledge them, it only gets worse. This is why exo-l and armys have a bad name in the community XD Oh well after a week or so we will all forget about it and go back to enjoying the music we like most.
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Im an exo-L and an ARMY. Struggles of multifandom! When wars between my bias groups fandom go down, I pretend to not know, but still look at posts πŸ˜…
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I thiught that was actually V.. And it's Baekhyunnie.. The similarities r slightly terrifying
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I only liked this cause of what I read and what it said...plus I just found out about the war again
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Jesus christ I'm sick of these fanwars
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