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What's up guys, John here. I am here to bring you another Idols birthday. Today in Korea, it is no other than G-Dragon's birthday!!!! This worldwide known idol will be turning 29. Check out a mini profile below
Real Name: Kwon Ji-yong Birth date: August 18, 1988 He's a famous solo artist and is the leader of the famous group BIG BANG(debuted 2006)! He's also a famous music producer who has made many songs. Aside from his music, he is also an expert in modeling. He even has his own line with "8 seconds". It's a special limited edition line. GD incorporated his logo, tattos, and stitching that represents him. These logos are on t-shirts, hats, backpacks. His tattoos and stitching are on jackets(etc.). This collection was be released on 8/12 & up for a limited time only. Credit to info here and here

Solo Work

Gdragon has also debuted as a successful solo artist. His solo album, Heartbreaker of 2009 was one of his most successful albums in that year making over two thousand copies in sales. It also won Mnet Asian Music Awards for Album of the year. Check it out! There's also One of a Kind and Coup d'etat that has also received global attention.
Jiyong is honestly is one of the most influential people on the planet. He has made so many iconic marks on both the U.S industry and Korean industry. His impact has spread all over the world and provided inspiration for so many people(including myself). He is a great and awesome human being.

Happy Birthday Kwon Ji Yong!!!! Music Finder: John Evans

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Wow! I knew G-Dragon was awesome but realize how really awesome he is ๐Ÿ˜