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What I love most about Kpop concepts, is that they create little worlds within worlds.

The feeling I get when I listen to or watch BTS is much different from listening or watching VIXX.

That being said, what world would YOU like to enter, if only for a while.

Most Beautiful Moment in Life

A place filled with the highs and lows of youth.
There is incredible beauty and happiness with a lurking undertone of sadness and confusion. You're surrounded by beautiful, complex people just like yourself and you live each day to understand where you are supposed to be heading in this life.


A world ruled by gods, by jealousy, by love.
It's a dark, intense place where every action matters, every small detail is a symbol. The world is filled with mystery where you're surrounded by beautiful powerful people, all of whom you can't fully understand. Do they love you or are they using you in their supernatural plan?

Lucky One

A world where everyone is a little bit crazy.
You wake up in a room at is all white. The walls are soft, the staff don't talk to you. You and your roommates don't know how or why you're here, but together you have to find a way out. But are your roommates insane? Are you?

Candy Jelly Love

A world of pure innocent happy youth.
Its like every weight is lifted off your shoulders. You're in a world of young love, where everyone is carefree, creative, and excited for life. Its a constant sugar high.

The Clan

A world where only the strong survive.
There is violence and fear each day, but there is also so much love. This is where your friends are fiercely loyal and will risk anything for each other. You have to be strong for yourself and your friends to survive. You have to fight to rid the world of the violence.

Please add any other "world" you would join!

Which do you pick^^

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I'm a mythology freak so for me I'd love to enter Elysium
The most beautiful moment for sure. I rather be stuck dreaming of my future with complex questions and answers that will await me. Happy but confusing is good ^^!
I would choose the Elysium world for everything, every detail, has a meaning, and it would be a great adventure. Life would be filled with mysteries that one has to figure out, and I feel like life would have more of a story and an impact on others.
Candy Jelly Love! I would love to just be able to have fun with no stress!
candy jelly love!! where everything is perfect and pastel~ yeah, definitely my aesthetic