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So anyone who's into Kpop knows that when a group or soloist comes out with a song, there is likely to be a dance to go along with it. Whether this is just for stage performances or it comes as a dance practice video, fans don't seem to mind how they see their idols dancing.
Because, let's be honest, we just love to see them showing off their amazing skills (and sometimes their amazing craziness).
First we're going to start off with their songs and the dance practices that go along with them.
The first two videos listed here are for their song D.O.A (Dead or Alive); the first video is a serious dance practice, the second is more the process to get to that video - them playing around, actually dancing, talking to the camera, etc.
The third video you'll see isn't a dance practice, but is a dance version - an alternative version to a music video - that they did
These next videos are different dance covers or choreographies to other songs that HIGH4 did. While some people don't pay much attention to these, I think these are just as important to notice, because it still showcases the talent of the individuals doing it. Whether they are matching someone else's choreo or making up their own, you can see the time and effort put into the whole performance to make it flow properly and make it appealing.
The videos are in order:
1. Ball dance performance
2. Bruno Mars - Locked Out of Heaven
3. Usher - Scream
4. Mary J Blige - Work That
5. The Pack - Oh Go
6. Dynamic Duo - Solo
7. C2C - Down the Road
I hope you enjoyed seeing these boys show their stuff! I sure was enthralled with their talent. Definitely adding some of these songs and choreos to my regular watch list ;)
What were your favorite dances out of the listed ones? Or if you're familiar with the group, which other song of theirs would you have liked to see a dance performance video and/or practice video for?
Until next time, have a wonderful day, week, and weekend~