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This one was difficult for me. I'm a lot older than BTOB and married, so I don't think of them romantically. I also consider them boys, even though they aren't. Now if I was younger and single, the one that would be my best friend would be MinHyuk. He and I have the most in common, so we'd see each other a lot. I'd probably crush on him a little, but he's shorter than I am so we'd just be great friends.
Minhyuk is very smart and also a bit of a nerd.....so am I.
He's an amazing athlete and runner. I was a decent cross country and track runner in high school.
He plays other sports also. I did too....all throughout high school and college.
He is a good actor, and I've enjoyed his dramas. I did my share of acting on stage in high school.
He'd probably be crushing on a girl, and I'd feel like I'd have to push him to ask her out....AFTER I found out she liked him too. Being good friends, I'd want to protect his heart.
If you've never seen MinHyuk run, here is a clip. He's not that big, only 5' 8", but boy can he move. He is the idol sprint champion....and has been for at least the last 3 yrs. To put it in perspective, his fastest time in the 60 is .01 off the world record. He isn't just fast for an idol...he is FAST.
Finally, MinHyuk is sweet and dorky. I know we would have fun just fooling around (no, not THAT kind of fooling around). We'd probably go out to eat frequently and be blowing straw paper at each other. I'd get along with the rest of his BTOB friends, and he may even tease me about which member I liked.
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I was in shock, damn he is fast! Damn! And yes I agree he would make the perfect BFF
From what I understand, at one point he was offered training for the Olympics but turned it down.
I love this card. You're challenge cards re very detailed and I love the extra stuff you throw in. Minhyuk would make a great BFF.