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A typical session of Youtube streaming is like getting on a train with no destination in mind. I usually keep a background tab open and let Youtube work as a DJ. One afternoon I landed on a soundtrack, "Rhythm of the Rain" and the lyrics caught my attention. I later discovered it is an original soundtrack of a movie with the same title. Surprisingly, it also has two official recordings. The tune and lyrics is identical but the music video and ambience is completely different. I can't decide which one is my favorite. Granted both versions are beautiful in their own way. [ Rhythm of the Rain ] Lyrics is composed by Vincent Fang and music is produced by Jay Chou.
A song about passion, innocence and bitterness in romance people have in their youth.

Version 1 - Singer: Queen Wei

Version 2 - Singer: Jay Chou


竹篱上 停留着 蜻蜓
On the bamboo sits a dragonfly
玻璃瓶里插满 小小 森林
The glass bottle is filled with a tiny forest
青春 嫩绿的很 鲜明
The youth is like a tender green, very bright
百叶窗 折射的 光影
Shades of light shone through the shutter
像有着心事的 一张 表情
It's like an expression that's full of thoughts
而你 低头拆信 想知道关于我的事情
You lower you head, opens the letter with a desire to know more about me
青苔入镜 檐下风铃 摇晃曾经
The mosses enter the lens while the wind chimes under the roof, shaking the past
回忆是 一行行无从 剪接的风景 爱始终年轻
Memories are like queue of scenery which cannot be edited. After all, love is young
而我听见 下雨的声音
I heard the rhythm of the rain
想起你用唇语 说爱情
Reminiscing the love you express with your lips
幸福也可以 很安静
Happiness can be really quiet.
我付出一直 很小心
My sacrifice has always been really careful
终于听见 下雨的声音
I finally heard the rhythm of the rain
于是我的世界 被吵醒
Hence, my world got awakened
就怕情绪红 了眼睛
I am afraid the emotions will turn my eyes red.
不舍的泪在 彼此的 脸上透明
The tears of sadness transparent on our face.
爱在过境 缘分不停 谁在担心
Fate doesn’t stop when love enters the border. Who is worrying?
窗台上 滴落的雨滴 轻敲着伤心 凄美而动听
The drops of rain on the window hits our sadness softly, its rhythm is heartrending but pleasant to hear
而我听见 下雨的声音
I heard the rhythm of the rain
想起你用唇语 说爱情
Reminiscing the love you express with your lips 热恋的时刻 最任性
We were the most impulsive when in love
不顾一切的 给约定
Heedlessly, giving promise
终于听见 下雨的声音
I finally heard the rhythm of the rain.
于是我的世界 被吵醒
Hence, my world is awakened
发现你始终 很靠近
I realized you were always close to me.
默默的陪在 我身边 态度坚定
Silently accompanying beside me with perseverance
NOTE: I tried my best translating the lyrics but it may still lack the true interpretation of the lyricist. If you are reposting it elsewhere, please link back and give proper credit. :)
I really like both versions ☺
Jay Chou!!!!😍😍😍😍
I love them both, I'd heard Jay Chou's first though and so that one is probably just slightly in first place, love them both though ^^
I heard Queen's version first and I fell in love with her voice. Though, Jay Chou's version expresses a lot of emotion. I just can't decide. Both are great!