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I AM SICK AND TIRED OF FAN WARS! WHAT IS THE POINT?! In my own personal opinion yes you are aloud to like other groups more then others and yes your aloud to say your own opinion but with the "fan war" going on between Exo-L's and ARMY is ridiculous! I'm and ARMY and EXO-L, and I'm done with this. The people who started this suppose war should be ashamed. These are the people who put a bad rep to the fandoms! These 2 "trolls" called themselves "ARMY" But what kind of army does this? I'm glad that some exo-L's and Army instead of hating on each other there just reallllyyy mad at the "trolls"
Credits to Twitter owners~ Also just wanted to remind y'all LOTTO IS HERE AND IM DYING!!!
My thing is I'm usually a part of both of the fandoms that are in a war. So, it's like a monkey in the middle syndrome. But I think I'm just going to say I'm a fan of BTS and a fan of EXO but not claim the fandom, because I'm tired of the bullshit. The bands don't deserve the distraction that the fandom wars cause, they have too much stuff on their minds anyway. I don't want to add to their stress, ya know?
I mean why would you get the mom and son go against each other? that's just not right
@SimplyAwkward I'm really happy that they stopped trending it :D
I remember when kpop had less drama, almost makes me want to quit kpop. So sad...
they obviously never seen the live Lucky one exo did during their comeback smh
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