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As Jin kept limping to the kitchen to help Namjoon cook. Namjoon kissed Jin's cheek and smiled. Namjoon said, "too rough?" Jin laughed, "you know you were rough!" Yoongi was looking out the window. Hoseok smiled as he knew what that meant. Rain. Jungkook and Taehyung were giggling like little children. Namjoon smiled as he set the food on the table. Jin hugged Namjoon and smiled. Jin laughed as Jimin hugged Yoongi. Jin said, "maybe Jimin is in love with Yoongi." Namjoon chuckled as he kissed Jin's head. Hoseok laughed as he sang 'Rain' in a silly way. After eating their breakfast they all went outside to dance and run in the rain. Namjoon and Jin were hugging each other as they watched the rest of the members dance in the rain and play around. Jin smiled and kissed Namjoon gently on the lips and one more time on the cheek. Jimin slipped and laughed as Yoongi grabbed him. Jin looked at Yoongi and Jimin, "another secret love?" Namjoon squeezed Jin's cheeks, "just let them do what they want." That afternoon, Jin and Namjoon were in bed together cuddled up. The rest of the members were either napping or messing around. Namjoon held Jin close. Jin smiled and poked Namjoon's cheek. They were definitely in love. Meant to be together forever. Jin got up, "I'm hungry we should go out to eat today with the guys." Namjoon smiled and replied back to Jin, "go tell them to get ready in 15 minutes I'm hungry too." As they all got freshly showered and changed they all headed out. It was still raining outside. They all laughed as they walked and messed around, trying to run to the nearest restaurant. They all sat down with food on their plates. Jin immediately stuffed food in his mouth. Namjoon was amazed as always. Jimin snickered a bit and said, "what else can Jin stuff in his mouth?" All the members laughed and giggled. Two hours later, they all went home and it was night by then. Namjoon grabbed Jin onto the bed. Jin blushed intensely as he felt Namjoon put his hands in a place only Jin was allowed to touch on himself. Jin spoke in a soft voice "again?" Namjoon ignored Jin's words and continued what he had started the night before. Jin felt his mind go blank as it got intense throughout the whole night. As the sun was rising Namjoon cuddled with Jin. Jin was broken and he giggled. Jin looked at Namjoon, "I'll be limping for a whole month now Namjoon." Namjoon and Jin laughed together and slept for a few hours. In the morning all the members were looking at Namjoon and Yoongi said, "you two had sex didn't you?" Jin blushed as he ate his breakfast. Namjoon smiled and said proudly, "we did and it was amazing, you jealous?" All the members laughed and joked around.
During that day Namjoon was holding Jin as all the members were having a conversation at the dining room table. Jin smiled and joked with the other members. Namjoon looked at all the members and realized how lucky he was to have people like them around him especially Jin. Namjoon smiled and hugged Jin and all the members. All the members cheered and laughed. They all yelled, "We are BTS!" They all headed to bed and Jin was expecting Namjoon to suddenly rip his clothes off and have another night of rough sex, but they just cuddled together all night. Jin smiled and looked at Namjoon. Jin kissed Namjoon on the lips and smiled.

Hope you enjoyed Part 5 of NamJin! If you would want more parts of the series show me your love for it ^•^ I would really appreciate it!

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