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What's up guys!! Whew!! We'e back for Day 3. Time to find out what your first date was! Hopefully you made a good guess

Door 1 is

Dinner Date Gone Wrong

Your lover attempted to make dinner but it ended up in flames and smoke in the kitchen. You just laughed it off as he orders food. You think to yourself, 'It wasn't the worst date you've been on.' @changkyunslays @BBxGD @zhac16 @reyestiny93 @lovetop @KarenGuerra93 @VKookie47 @TerraToyaSo @CheyenneJessee @swarrier16

Door 2 is Karaoke

You were pleasantly surprised when your lover suggested this. You weren't exactly the best singer around but you agreed. You and your lover had a great time @MelissaGarza @xxchichariotxx

Door 3 is

Amusement Park

Your lover moved his hands from your eyes and you gasped. You were taken aback from the beauty of the park. He laughed as he pulled you to the closest ride/vendor. You smiled through the whole night @mrsyookihyun @Rosa420 @Tamaki1618@H8rt4u

Door 4 is

Movie Night

You weren't really feeling the movie night idea when your lover told you about it. When you saw him outside the theater,however, your smile quickly grew back as he hugged you. You enjoyed the movie and snuggling next to him throughout the whole movie. @JaxomB
Seems like you and your lover have gotten really close. Will he ever pop the question? Where will he do it? What will the ring look like? Pick a sunset to find out. No Doom Choices For This Day! :)

Sunset 1

Sunset 2

Sunset 3

Make Sure To Comment Your Choice!!!
sunset #1
So my date with Wonho resulted in a duh statement, his cooking was charcoal. We ordered raman from a ramen shop. I'm still happy with this. I choose sunset number 1.
I chose door 3 but my door is in door 2. Does that mean I get two dates!! 😁 lol jk Sunset 2.
Sunset 2
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