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My favorite ship huh? Well, I think that would have to be these two...
Shiotani and Kurose from the beautifully written manga 'Ten Count' by Takarai Rihito. These two lean on each other in such a unique way - Ive honestly never read anything like this. These two characters are made out to fit one another and fix their flaws. Its a great read guys, you'll love these two! For some background info: Due to a time in his childhood, Shirotani has a fear of touching other things and people. He's constantly washing his hands, and wears gloves, avoiding physical contact with others - thus isolating himaelf. Into his life comes Kurose, a man working in medicine who reaches out to offer assistance, and hopefully cure Shirotani, using ten counts - twn things Shirotani must come to terms with to heal himself.
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I absolutely love ten count, its one of the first yaoi mangas that I really got into... definitely have to agree with you