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So I was wondering if you wanted to get a tattoo, what would it be? where would you get it? and what is the meaning behind it? For me I'd definitely get a Cherry blossom on my wrist kinda like the picture I reminds me that even though life is tough its still beautiful, and its trying its best, that's why makes it so damn beautiful. (yes I did just quote Roy mustang)
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I have a turtle on my left arm swimming in the water surrounded by windbars and cherry blossoms (Japanese style) and a geisha underneath that. Then on my left calf I have a fancy pikachu. And my husbands name on my ring finger
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I would get a fairy tail guild symbol on my upper left thigh because that is the same spot as juvia's guild symbol and fairy tail is one of my favorite animes
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I actually wanted Trafalgar Laws arm and hand tattoos, there just so pretty, n there's a story behind that as well xD
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I have a phoenix on my left side, the Pandora Hearts seal above my heart, Gray's Fairy Tail symbol and a few other tattoos and I plan on getting Gray's Devil Slayer Magic tattooed on me as well as a dragon on my right side
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ive been wanting to get a tattoo for years now and hav 2 spots i cant decide on where the 1st one should go. the 1st design is of a tigers claw either imprinted into my caf on my right leg or look like i jus my shredded by a tiger's claw. the 2nd would be on my upper back with a golden crescent moon right in the middle its a sailor moon reference and im trying to design my own tattoo around it.
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