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Petition to Make Kpop Group Do This Challenge:

So these 3 guys decided it was a good idea to try to cover a Love Live dance...with incredibly slippery stuff spread all over their floor.

The result is, well, just watch.

Seriously can you imagine BTS doing this?! HAHAHAH!!!!

(the dance starts 0:34)
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I wouldn't want BTS to get hurt doing this but watching them like so funny because you know they're all dorks anyway they're all being funny And adding this is just like the cherry on top but I wouldn't want them to accidentally fall and like hurt their finger
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I would so love to see BTS do this just as long as they don't get hurt!
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They would hurt themselves doing this probably. And Namjoonie does that already with out the challenge ever notice how many times he's worn a brace on his wrist?
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it would be funny, but I would have them do it on a very padded floor if they actually did so that they didn't hurt themselves.
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