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How do you join BTS army? O.o

So, recently I saw this video where you can join Kpop idols fan club and get special treatment per say. For example, fan meet and greets, and maybe even having out with the Kpop idol themselves. I began thinking that it would be great to join BTS fanclub and just maybe I will get to meet them face to face someday! Yet, I don't know how or where the fan site is located? Like which is the legit site you know? So, VINGLE FAMILY can you do me a solid and point me to the right direction? :D
Wow! Really? Well, that sucks! @JaxomB @Miichi
yeah. it will come again next year around March. delivery to the u.s is around 30-50!! :(
unfortunately it already passed. it happens once a year and anyone can pay for it. tho the benefits are only for people that live in korea and getting to an event is not guaranteed. i made a card about this when the membership came out to help people with questions.
It is open about once a year. I had a terrible time with the website for I am an official Monbebe. The problem with us ordering is the cost itself is around 15....but shipping is about 30.
I think the official fanclub is only open to new foreigners once a year. This year it was in March I believe. I unfortunately missed it because it was while I was going from USA to Japan so I didn't have anything set up :(. But like I said, I think it's once a year so there should be another chance next yr
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