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Howdy Vinglers~

@VingleEnglish recently posted a card about this new feature, but just wanted to remind you guys since not everyone saw it^^

Check out their card here!

We have a comment reply feature now!

Be sure to update your app, or else you won't be able to see when someone replies to your comment :O

You can also see the replies on web without any update^^

Happy Vingling!

I Love the New Reply Feature. It allows me to Talk to other Vinglers without Crowding the Comment Section. 👍
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*Hugs* 🤗
I'm glad for this update! It saves time and is just easier 😁.
Yeah i dont have to frantically scroll the comment section anymore to find the username i want to reply to hahahhha
@aliahwhbmida I just went to my app store and it told me there was an update available :)
Oh ok then ! Thanks!
Sorry how to update ?
How to Delete my Vingle cards which I have no time to update !
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