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For a Flower

A hot Texas evening beat against the back of my neck as I went to the store. No matter how often I go we always need something else. As I walked down the beaten sunburnt road something caught my eye. A purple flower but all I could see is the girl I would get it for. Out of all the identical flowers this one said her name. I had to get it for her no matter what. Slowly I crept across the road. The only noise was the small rocks crunching under me. Just as my hand reached for it a bee flew. Jerking back a little I shook my head. Stupid bee can't stop me. I made my move once more and I saw another close by. It seemed to stand me down and the first landed on the flower above mine. A look of determination spread on my face as I quickly snatched it and walked away triumphant. I took a whiff of the perfect flower and carried it with me. When I get home she will get her perfect flower. The only one that could speak her name.
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