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I am so sorry!!!! When I scheduled the chapter to post, it showed everything was there. I just randomly checked it and saw that it was missing half the chapter. I just re-edited it so please reread it. Again I am so sorry. No one even mentioned it so I didn't notice. I don't usually read the chapters after I post them. If this should happen again, please let me know so that I can fix it immediately. I am so sorry.
This may not be an issue for everyone as it may be a glitch from Vingle. If the sentence cut off in the middle of the story, please reread it. If it completely wrapped up, then you're seeing it ok.
@JaxomB @Mavis2478 that's so weird. When I looked at mine, it cut off while they were still in the hospital room. Even when I opened it on my computer and went to edit it. I wonder if it was just mine cuz it's my post or if it's just some ppl and not others.
I also don't see any difference but mine ends at Yoongi after he has heard everything
I don't see any difference....
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BTS leaves the hospital