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shut up about naruto and hinata ok im tired of hearing that I ship Sasuke and Hinata my ship and I don't care if u guys don't like it
ok I ship naruhina but I repesct that you ship sasuhina ship freely my friend
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I too also like naruhina but I will respect your ship
you know, I've always shipped naruhina, but when I think about the possibilities with there eye prowess, it really has me thinking. there has never been a cannon couple to have different eye prowess, do you know how fucking strong a byakugan sharingan would be lol
@Flare4522 I concur, and I just skip over all of your cards One last thing NARUHINA FOR LIFE I'll go now
i'mma just say I hate your ship with a passion but I won't insult you. you do what you gotta do. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I don't mind that you ship couples I don't. It only gets nasty if you start crapping on my ships. Respect mine like I respect yours and we'll be golden
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