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Hey my awesome Vingle fam! Sorry for the delay, I had suppose to post part 3 last Wednesday but I wasn't finished with the story and now I am! Usually I post my fanfics every Wednesday @ 7pm, but I was busy with a card today. So it's late but you don't mind right? :)

Be Aware, this chapter is super long lol.

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Chapter 3:

-Bumping Heads- Yoongi suddenly stops eating and has this confused look on his face. "Is that who I think it is? Wonsik?". Across from him, there's Ravi taking a seat next to you. You guys are talking and laughing.  Yoongi's friends kept asking him what's wrong? "Take a look for yourself", He said tilting his head at the direction of Ravi. The boys took a look across the lunchroom to see Ravi. They couldn't believe it was him, Yoongi's enemy since middle school. "Daebak! Look who has entered the building" said Jimin. "Gencha? Is it really him suga hyung? Oh boy...", said Jung kook. "Damn.. I guess it's about to go down once again tisk tisk", said Jin. 》Yoongi's P.O.V:《 Just what in the hell is he doing here? I thought I told that punk I don't ever want to see his face again. Just seeing him again makes me think about the past. He got some nerve showing up here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Ya Yoongi.. I know you still don't like him but don't do or say anything stupid. Just ignore him, pretend you didn't see him.", said Namjoon. Then yoongi looked at Namjoon and said "who said I was going to do or say anything .. fuck him!". Then they continued to eat. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

6 years ago~

"Hey baby, what took you so long?" *kisses Yoongi on the lips*, says the girl, who he was "allegedly dating". "My bad babe I had to beat some guy's ass.. he thought he was tough so I had to put him in his place", said Yoongi. "Omg you're so bad daddy! But I love it!", the girl said, smiling before she kissed him again. *ring ring ring*, the girl's phone rang. "Hold on babe, let me answer this", she said while walking away and Yoongi nodded his head. So she answered her phone and there was a guy with a deep voice that greeted her. "Sup baby where you at?", the unknown guy said. "I'm still at school,what's up?", "Let's go out to eat then hit up a movie, how about it sexy? ", "gencha? Okay oppa! Let's go then!", she said before she hung up. She went back over to where Yoongi was standing. "Who was that boo?", Yoongi said, putting his arms around her waist. She laughed and said "oh... that? That was my.. dad! He said he wants me home now", she said lieing to him. "But you said we were going to my place", Yoongi said. "Sorry maybe next time suga sweets ! Gotta go, bye", she says and runs off. So Yoongi met up with his best friends. They are at the park, eating junk and talking about everything. "Ya Namjoon you still talk to that one girl in our 5th hour class?", said Hoseok. "Naw man! Hecks no!", Namjoon said. Everyone started laughing. "Why not man? Why you say it like that? You make it seem like she's ugly or something", says Jin. "Man I just found that she's a hoe! I can't cuff no hoe man, that's not me", said Namjoon. Everyone died laughing. It was so funny that Taehyung spit water out  on Jimin's face. "Ya! Taehyung! Why you little-", Jimin said before chasing Taehyung around the park. Even Yoongi was in tears. Jung Kook was just sitting there looking confused. "Hyung.. what's a hoe?", little Kookie said. Everyone stop laughing and looked a Kookie with a straight face. Then they busted out laughing again. Hoseok whispered in Kookie's ear, "It's when they get around if you know what I mean". It took him awhile to get it and he was in shock! They changed the subject. "Ya.. Suga you still with that girl Go Anna?", said Namjoon. "Yeah, why?". The boys looked at each other with this weird expression on their faces then looks away. "What? Why are you guys looking like that?, Yoongi said confused. "You shouldn't be with her ...", Jimin said with his head down, playing with the grass. "I don't think she's fit for you Hyung", Taehyung said. Yoongi got a little upset, why do you guys always bring up Anna? There's nothing wrong with her. Are you guys jealous? I'm starting to think that!". "We wouldn't tell you bullshit Yoongi", said Jin. "Ugh... whatever! I don't give a shit.. see you guys later", said Yoongi before walking off, leaving them at the park. The guys had a  blank look. Then out of the blue, Namjoon says, "bitch". The guys busted out laughing. Next day at school, Ravi has been hearing weird rumors about his gf, Go Anna, and he went to her locker where she was posted, waiting for him. She greeted him first, "Hey babe!", and kissed him on the lips. "Um Anna.. we need to talk", Ravi said with a serious tone. "What's wrong Ravi?", she said looking concerned. He then explained, "The guys have been telling me weird things about you... it's like a rumor going around school". "Huh? What rumor? What are you talking about?", she said ."Man don't play stupid Go Anna! I want to know the truth. Are you playing me?, you got some other guy I don't know about?!", Ravi said getting heated. "What?! Are you accusing me of cheating? You need to stop listening to your stupid ass friends! They don't know what they're talking about!", she yelled. Everyone in the hallway started to gather around and listen to what was going on. "I thought you trusted me Wonsik!". "They wouldn't lie to me! They been by my side for years, aish! This is too much attention, just tell me now Anna". Then out of nowhere, Yoongi walked over to her and greeted her. "Sup boo, what's with all the commotion over here". Then Ravi had a sour look on his face. "Aye man who tf are you? Boo? Man Go anna! Who is this guy?! Is this the guy you are seeing behind my back?!", Ravi was angry. She couldn't do or say anything but stand there quite, looking stupid. Yoongi was confused. He turned his head left to right to see who was he talking to and pointed to himself, "you talking to me bruh? Ya I should be asking who tf are you?!", Yoongi snapped back. "Ya Go Anna, who is he?", Yoongi ask. But she didn't say anything. "This is my gf!", Ravi yelled. Yoongi looked at Go Anna crazy. "Wtf man... ah gencha!! So you had a boyfriend? You never told me.. ha! So is this your "dad" you was on the phone with the other day huh?, Yoongi said with a half smile. She looked  shocked, she looked at Yoongi then back at Ravi. Her mouth was open but not a word came out. Ravi looked like he was about to blow up even more. "What?! You was with him that day before you came to see me?! Wow haha... gencha... I can't believe what I am hearing today. How long have you been seeing him?!", Ravi was done. "Look.. B-baby let me explain", she said to Ravi. Yoongi just laughed, he couldn't believe this was happening. "No! Keep it. Lose my number and don't ever come near me again! Aye man you can have her!", Ravi said. "Naw Naw Naw bruh.. I don't want her either. I don't cuff hoes, you got me fucked up, I'm out!", Yoongi said before walking away, throwing up the duces. It was a crowd of students in the hallway, they started walking away after the incident , "wowww", "Omg did you see that", "damn she was playing both of them!", "poor Ravi", and etc. Ravi then started to walk away. She tried to stop him, but he snatched away from her, "Don't fucking touch me! We're done!.". Ravi walked off pissed. All she could do was stand there and cry. Yoongi was so pissed he ran out of the school during school hours. His best friends saw everything that happened back there, even you saw it. You thought it was really messed up, that it happened to Yoongi, you actually started to feel for him  but then remembered  that you still hated him so you didn't care. Ravi really loved that girl, she was his first love. Ravi was actually a loyal and faithful guy, but after that, he changed forever. He started being a player. One day, Ravi saw Yoongi bothering you. "Why does he always pick on y/n?", "does he like her? I think he does", Ravi said with a evil smile. He still thinks that Yoongi took his first love and he thinks that he knew that she had a boyfriend and didn't care. But Yoongi didn't know. So Ravi was going to get back at him. He walks over to you. "Hey gorgeous", He said in a sexy tone. "H-hey Ravi", you said trying to remain calm because you were always shy around him. "Are you doing anything tonight?", No.. not really, why?", let me take you out on a date". You were shocked that he asked you. You wanted to go but you knew he was a Player. You wanted to reject him but you saw Yoongi looking at you and Ravi from across the hallway. He looked jealous. You wanted to laugh at him. So to make him even more mad, you step closer to Ravi and pretended that you were interested in Ravi. "Maybe", you said with a smirk and walked off. Ravi was happy. He saw Yoongi and walked over to him. So.. is that your girl? I just asked her out, what do you have to say for yourself", "what?? She's not my girl!", "well you sure do bother her all the time, everyday so I figured maybe you like her", Ravi said teasing him. Yoongi got really mad, "Ya! I don't like her, do what you do, I don't give a shit!". Yoongi slams his locker really loud and walks away. Ravi just laughs at him and yells down the hall "well leave her alone you bully! Or you'll have to go through me!". Yoongi didn't turn around, he kept walking, ignoring him. Suddenly, Ailee walks up to Ravi, "So you like my best friend now?","yeah maybe what? Why?", "get over yourself, you're a player Ravi", she then walks away laughing.  He just smiles. From that day forward, Ravi kept being around you, Yoongi was always mad or jealous, he couldn't bother you like he always did. One day, Yoongi had enough and tried to approach you. You guys were in class, you was reading a book and he snatches the book from your hands. You looked at him crazy and yelled, "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU! GIVE ME MY BOOK BACK!", "Ha.. not with that attitude..", "Min Yoongi.. if you don't give me my book back, I'm going to take it from you by force", "I want to see you try", He said with a smirk. You got up from your seat and tried to take the book back but he pushes you so hard to the point you hit your head on a chair that was in the way. You started to cry. Ravi saw everything and ran over to Yoongi and pushed him , "Ya! Wtf is your problem?! Who picks on females 24/7?? Are you a sissy or something? You're a punk!", Ravi yells out. Then Yoongi pushes him back, "It's none of your damn business! Stay out of it unless you want your ass kicked too!". Then Ravi striked him in the face. They both started fighting. All you heard was "fight fight fight!". Few minutes later, the fight was broken up by the teachers and they was taken to the office. Ailee quickly ran over to you ,"Omg y/n are you okay?? That damn bastard! I'm going to kill him!", Ailee said, she was angry. "Ailee I'm okay.. just forget it let's go", you said wiping the tears from your eyes. Ailee helped you up and you both went to the school nurse.  A few hours later, you were walking home from school with ailee. Ravi saw you and caught up to you. "Y/n are you okay? How are you feeling?", Ravi was concerned. "I'm fine.. it's a little pain but I'll be alright.. thanks for having by back lately, I really appreciate your help but it seems like it's getting worse just because you always try to hang around me.. just.. for now on, leave me be Ravi.. please". He looked at you and stopped you from walking. Suddenly, he gave you a hug. You were shocked and so was Ailee. Yoongi happened to be across the street walking with his friends and he saw Ravi hugging you. His expression went dark. Inside he felt.. sad, sad for what he did, didn't mean for that to go down like that. He just wanted to be around her. For the rest of their middle school years, Ravi and Yoongi was still was at.

FLASHBACK OVER: Back to the present■■■■

The bell ranged,  school is out. Everyone quicky ran out of the classroom to their lockers to get their things. "Hey y/n I'm going to throw a party for us seniors next friday! You're coming right?", Ailee said. "Sure! Why not? Your my best friend of course I'm going to show up", you said smiling. "Yay! That's great!". Then Yoongi's friends walked over to you and Ailee. "Hey Ailee, we heard that you're having a party for the seniors. You know we're going to be there right?", said Namjoon. "Of course! You have to!", Ailee said with excitement. She continued, "What about Yoongi?, is he coming with you guys?", "I don't know.. maybe" Said Jimin. "Oh No he's coming! if I have to drag his ass out of that house, I will", said Jin. Everyone started laughing at Jin.

The day of Ailee's senior party

Yoongi and his friend's (BTS) P.O.V: Jung Kook: Man I'm so geeked for this party bruh! I can't wait! It's going to be so many girls. Oh! And I hope there will be games too! Jin: You already know, I'm mainly going because of the food Jimin: Jungkookie ah.. why search for a girl when you have me? :) Jungkook: Ya I'm sick of seeing your face everyday. Go away Yoongi: So you're cheating on me Jimin? Jimin: What? No.. Then Yoongi Flinched at Jimin and Jimin jumped. Yoongi started laughing. Jin: Why is it that you act cute with us but you're so mean to the world? Yoongi: because.. I can do that..I'm Min Yoongi! They all laughed at Yoongi Namjoon: okay guys enough of the jokes, are you guys ready to go? All: Ne! So all of them got in the car, and pulled off, on their way to the party. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You were getting prepared for the party. You took a shower and tried to find something to wear but Ailee helped you pick out a outfit. You and Ailee already prepared  things for the party. Ailee hired a a DJ too. You helped order in the food and set up the games. "Well everything is done! Now for everyone to show up", you said nervously. "Hey don't be nervous, it's going to be fun! And you get to see yo boo tonight", "Ailee for the last time he is not my boo, ugh", "Girl stop I know you like him and he likes you too", "whatever", that's all you could say. Suddenly, the door bell rings, Ailee answers the door and a group of people showed up. "Well dang is this half of the seniors? ", you said shocked. So most of the seniors was at the party. The music is loud and everyone is dancing and having fun. Then the door bell rings again, you go to the door to answer it, you open the door and it's Yoongi and his pals. They greeted you and then Ailee who walked over to you.
At the party, you see a energetic, happy -go -lucky Kookie who is dancing on the dance floor with these two girls, Jin in the kitchen trying to eat up everything, Hoseok playing some games with some other people, Taehyung being weird as usual touching stuff and running around like it's a playground,  Jimin trying to find Kookie, Namjoon already drinking and telling jokes, and then there's Yoongi standing against the wall just staring at everybody. You went to go find Ailee, Suddenly, You see Ravi and he walks over to you. "Sup beautiful, I figured you'll be here", Ravi said smiling. "Well of course haha..". There was a boy behind him, he looks like he was hiding or something. "Um who's the boy behind you Ravi?", "Oh! him? This is my little brother, Hyuk, Hyukie this is my friend y/n", "nice to meet you Hyuk", nice to meet you too".", what grade are you in?", "I'm a Junior, 11th grade". You were a bit confused because the party was for only seniors you thought. "He had to pay $2.. I guess because he's a underclassmen", Ravi said. "Well go play Hyukie", "I'm going to go find Jung Kook, is he here y/n", Hyuk asked. "Yep he's right over there", you said pointing to the direction of him. Then Kookie and Hyukie saw each other, they was happy to see each other, they are best friends.  "So y/n wanna dance?, Ravi asked. You were nervous, "Um no thanks I really can't dance", "C'mon beautiful it will be fun", ugh okay whatever". So you and Ravi was on the dance floor. After awhile you caught yourself having fun. Ailee started to join in dancing with you then Yoongi's friends. Ravi spotted out Yoongi's friends. "Ya.. you guys are Yoongi's friends right? Remember me, Wonsik?", They all nodded their heads. "Where is he anyway?", "He's over there against the wall", Taehyung said. Ravi smiled and made his way over to Yoongi. Yoongi's P.O.V: This party is lame. It's boring, I don't want to be here anymore. Look at those idiots(BTS) over there. Why is that loser Ravi here? Is he making his way over here to talk to me? I don't want to talk to him.
Ravi finally makes his way over to Yoongi. Ravi: well well well, look who we have here. It's "Mr. Steal yo girl" and "I'm cocky and don't give a shit". Haha Yoongi what's been up? Yoongi: I didn't steal shit. That's your fault that you couldn't look after your girl like you was supposed to. You're here to start shit with me? Ravi: Naw bruh.. not at all. Just seeing how you been.. you look good! Yoongi: What do you want? Ravi: Nothing. So are you and y/n still going out? Yoongi: We never went out, wtf are you talking about? Ravi: Whoa! Hey man don't get your blood pressure all up. Anyway, if you don't mind, I'll take her off your hands. Ravi smirked and walked away. Yoongi was irritated. He went outside to get some fresh air. Meanwhile, you were done dancing with Ailee and the others. You went outside to get some air because you felt all sweaty. While going outside, closing the door behind you, you were laughing, untill you saw Yoongi seating on the porch. You didn't want to take a seat next to him, but you wanted to sit down. "It looked like you were having the time of your life in there", Yoongi said, finally breaking the awkward silence. "Um yeah.. but why aren't you?, your friends are here", I don't know.. so are you glad your boyfriend came back", "huh?? Are you talking about Ravi? He's not my boyfriend and never was.. why do you care anyway? Are you jealous?", you said looking at him and smirking. "Hell no..", Yoongi said looking away. "Don't date him, he's a jerk", "and If I did? What are you going to do about it?", you said laughing. He just stood up and walked away. "Ya Yoongi! Where are you going?!", you yelled out. "Home", "You can't just leave your friends behind!", "I just did", He said with his back still faced the opposite way.  You laughed and shooked your head, "idiot". Then his friends came outside looking for him. "Hey y/n have you seen Yoongi anywhere? We been looking for him", said Namjoon. "Yeah he just walked home a few minutes ago". "Ah gencha! That damn grumpy  Yoongi! Let's go you guys", Jin said sounding irritated. Ailee came outside. "Aw you guys going already?", she said sounding sad. "Drive safe Jin!", you said "I'll try", "what?! What do you mean you'll try hyung are you trying to kill us?!", Jimin yelled out. Taehyung started dying from laugher. "Boy shut yo ass up, we're going to get home safe, stop being a baby". Jungkook was knocked out sleep in the back seat. You stick your head in the the car window to see Kookie sleeping, "Aw I know he had a lot of fun", you said smiling. You and Ailee said your goodbyes and the boys pulled off. "Hey y/n girl I got something shocking to tell you!", Ailee said. You were very curious to know, "what is it?", "Are you ready? Because this is going to be a shocker!", "Yes! Just tell me already!", you started to become impatient. "Okay okay! Well.. Hoseok told me some things about Yoongi... and uh it was pretty deep!", Like what?", "You want to find out the truth of why Yoongi is the way he is? He's like that because..

You'll find out next week in Chapter 4!!

Sorry if this was extremely too long for you. So did you guys like it? Are you looking forward to the next chapter? Comment down below! I hope you all did enjoy chapter 3. Thank you for taking the time to read this :) ♡ *Photos does not belong to me. Creds to the rightful owners.

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